5 Unusual Effects of Anxiety

For a person suffering from an anxiety disorder, living a normal life is not easy. Depending on the type and severity of the disorder, an individual can suffer panic attacks or experience palpitations even in everyday situations that other people would consider normal. At times, anxiety might aggravate to such a level that it begins to take over the life of the sufferer, changing the way he or she reacts or behaves in a particular situation.

Living with virtual fears or leading an extremely stressful life can prove to be disastrous for such an individual’s overall wellbeing and happiness. Apart from causing an array of illnesses, anxiety also presents numerous impediments to maintaining strong relationships with friends and family members.

Here are some lesser-known ways in which anxiety can affect an individual’s life in the long run:

1. Ruins friendships

Sometimes, anxiety can be out of proportion in relation to the situation, affecting one’s health as well as relationships. The worst part is that frequent anxiety or panic attacks not only affects the sufferer but also other people, especially friends and relatives, who could be at the receiving end of the patient’s behavior or maybe clueless as to how to deal with the situation or what is going on inside his or her mind.

Often people with anxiety, in certain cases, minimize their interaction with others, which is often considered by many as a negative behavioral trait and can ultimately ruin one’s relationships.

2. Prevents a person from trying new things

Anxiety can occur any time of the day and in any situation especially when faced with a change or a challenge. This often prevents the person from trying anything new. In fact, even visiting new places becomes a big no for a person who is fearful of meeting new people or making new friends or just scared of a change.

3. Makes a person short-tempered

An anxious person loves to maintain control over different situations in life. However, this is not always possible. Thus, when the person is unable to do so, he or she becomes anxious and aggressive, often being perceived as short tempered or unreasonable. This usually proves damaging for one’s relationships.

4. Harms one’s love life

People fighting anxiety disorders generally avoid having a love life but when they manage to have one, they ruin it by indulging in certain behaviors such as being insecure or over thinking, etc. Moreover, anxiety makes a person apprehensive and fearful about certain situations, which, in turn, does not let him or her enjoy their relationship.

Such a person is constantly worried about the relationship getting over or thinking that his or her partner would be much happier with someone else who is normal. Such weird thoughts are hard to control but have a huge impact on the person’s love life, in most cases, ending it.

5. Causes health problems

Anxiety is a mental disorder that could lead to several physical health problems. It not only increases the chances of developing heart diseases and gastrointestinal disorders but also leads to several other ailments such as breathing problems, often worsening the existing respiratory conditions, kidney damage and insomnia.

Leading a stress-free life is possible

Anxiety disorders, especially among women, can make living a normal life extremely difficult and should not be overlooked or ignored for too long. The health services need to realize the groups at the greatest risk and respond appropriately to address the situation.

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