The March Amsterdam Ruby meetup featured talks by Pauline Vos (@vanamerongen), Software Engineer at Werkspot, and Ivan Zarea, Lead Architect at Young Capital.

Ivan’s session was an odd one compared to the type of talks we normally host, and difficult to summarize. Suffice to say it involved (many) Lord of the Rings references, wizard hats and the button on this wonderful web app: — greatest app of all times

To explain what happens once we click the button and up the click count, Ivan took us on a magical adventure. You prefer your requests magic-free? I can recommend this gem:

Alright. Let’s unpack Pauline’s talk.

Git Legit


April 2nd and 3rd I spent (at the Microsoft booth) at Codemotion Amsterdam. Codemotion is a (very) large tech conference, covering a range of topics, and I believe they welcomedover 1200 visitors.

Friendly co-workers came by to help me out at the booth, and I could attend some of the sessions. I tried summarizing those below.

Day 0 — the mood

Coolblue: From 100 to 1000+ deployments a day

Pat Hermens (@phermens) is the Development Manager at Coolblue. Coolblue is a Dutch company, with a large internal development department. …

Tuesday March 12 I attended the Amsterdam DevOps meetup at TomTom in Amsterdam, which had a focus on AI and Kubernetes.

Martijn Siereveld, Director Software Engineering at TomTom, opened saying that TomTom long moved on from putting navigation devices in “your dad’s car”, focusing on maps, autonomous driving, and automotive and enterprise customers. TomTom powers Microsoft cloud offerings (Azure) with location-based services.

A DevOps approach to AI

Thiago de Faria (@thiagoavadore) is the Head of Solutions Engineer for full-service IT provider LINKIT.

A report from MMC, a London-based venture capital firm, recently made the claim that 40% of European firms that are classified as an…

The February 25 Amsterdam.rb (Amsterdam Ruby meetup group), sponsored and hosted by Salonized, ran two talks too good not to cover (but I might be biased).

Michel Martens joined us from Paris, France, to share the key insights that shaped his way of thinking about web development, a lot of which has to do with (mental) modeling. Michel is the maintainer of the Cuba framework for Ruby, and works at openredis (Redis hosting).

Hongli Lai is the creator of the Phusion Passenger app server. In 2018 Phusion turned 10 years old, and introduced Generic Language Support to its open source…

Last week I attended a DenHaag.rb (The Hague Ruby meetup group) event, at / Websend. Talks by Martijn van Leeuwen, CTO to a 18 people tech team at, and Jarra Schirris, who has freelanced with Tele2, Digidentity and Kabisa, were honest and experimental.

Mother — the long journey of a 12 year old Rails App and combined processed 1.5 million phone subscriptions to date. Bootstrapped and proud, Martijn talks about’s 12 year old monolith.

Martijn acquainted us with the Postpaid vs Phone Fulfilment flow, where Postpaid is just another term for HUGE complexity and a lot of if then statements. …

Yesterday I attended the Amsterdam Kubernetes/Cloud-Native Meetup — part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) groups on — with talks by Alexander Charykov, Innovation engineer at True, and Developer Advocate at JFrog, Leon Stigter.

There I met an old friend, who’s now working at True, and got a tour of the (gorgeous) offices before the meetup started.

Before the first talk Alessandro Vozza, Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft and CloudNative Foundation ambassador, announced that last year’s Kubernetes Day will have a sequel in June.

Did you watch Nexmo’s Martyn Davies DevRelCon London talk “Design your content strategy with data”? Well I did. And while there’s a lot of lessons to be learned from his talk, identifying what post will “take off” is (sadly) still largely gut feels.

I don’t want to spend my time writing a ton of content, and then digging into analytics with scientifically irrelevant sample sizes, to see what performed best and then write a bunch of more posts like it — regardless how strongly I feel about the topic. I would much rather delight a few readers, and leave the…

Courtesy of GitHub (or: your friendly DevRel Don Goodman-Wilson), 3/4 of the Amsterdam Ruby meetup organizer team was able to attend the annual Git Merge conference, which took place at The Egg in Brussels February 1st. Carrying a serious amount of snacks (and coffee), we headed for Belgium well before sunrise, as the weather predictions weren’t necessarily in our favor.

Below is me trying to summarize my highlights of the event.

Scaling repositories

More than one talk touched on the topic of mono-repos (consolidating multiple directories). Johan Abildskov (@randomsort) is a trainer & consultant at Praqma, helping companies in Scandinavia move towards…

Yesterday I attended the DevOps Amsterdam x DevSecOps Netherlands meetup “Container & Kubernetes Security”, at Schuberg Philis (business technology company). Below my attempt at summarizing Andreas Lambrecht’s and Andy Repton’s excellent talks.

Security for Cloud native environments

Andreas (@vAndrucha77) is a Solution Architect at Aqua Security, securing software supply chains and the runtime of containerized and cloud native applications. Prior to joining Aqua, Andreas held consulting architect and technical solutions engineer roles at vendors like VMware, Puppet and Docker. Aqua’s team members come from places like McAfee, SAP and IBM, they partner with all the Cloud providers, and are backed by the likes of Microsoft…

Below is the transcript of my CodeDaze 2018 talk.

The Stack Overflow 2018 survey of 100,000 developers provided a ton of insights. Some things remained more or less the same, compared to the outcomes of 2017 and 2016. Major difference: for the first time Stack Overflow included questions about ethics.

Answering the question who is primarily responsible for considering the ramifications of AI, 47.8% of the respondents answer ‘the developers or people creating the AI’, 27.9% answers ‘A governmental or other regulatory body’, 16.6% says ‘prominent industry leaders’ and 7.7% says ‘nobody’.

Whereas 58.5% of the respondents claim they’d never…

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