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Florian Fischetti
Jun 2 · 2 min read

What impact is your work having on the world?

Ya Feelin’ Lucky?

Most people go to work each day because they must. They have little to no choice in the work they do. And they have even less choice in how their work impacts the world.

Tech sector employees are not most people. Through diligent work and (let’s admit it) some luck, we have the opportunity to lead enriching work lives.

Many of us get to work on engaging intellectual problems. We enjoy higher pay than employees in many other industries (though we also often face higher costs of living). We also have the opportunity to work on products that touch the lives of millions of people.

And that’s where it gets cool. Through our choice of employer, we can choose the impact we’re having on the world. It’s a rare luxury.

Wasting Our Good Fortune?

Some people have argued that it’s a luxury we’re squandering. Given the recent missteps of some large, high-profile tech companies, it’s hard to say they’re completely wrong. But how should we, as employees feel about those missteps?

Throughout my time as a product person in tech, I’ve sometimes felt great about the impact of my work. Sometimes I’ve felt…less than good.

Who’s fault are the “not so good” parts? I don’t entirely blame tech employees. There just aren’t enough great companies thriving, profiting, and doing good in the world. There are a growing number though, especially in FinTech, HealthTech, and EnviroTech.

EarnUp is one of those FinTech companies, and it’s why I’m so excited to have joined as Head of Product. While most consumer apps attempt to alter human behavior, not all do so for reasons I could passionately endorse. At EarnUp, we’re encouraging customers to live healthier financial lives. That means we’re meeting a basic human need.

It’s an awesome feeling to show up to work every day thrilled by the excitement of a high growth startup and proud as hell of what we’re doing to improve financial outcomes for traditionally underserved populations. Protests? Not necessary.

What’s Your Choice?

If that sounds good to you, let us know. I’m hiring for Product. We’re hiring for many other roles too. If our mission resonates with you, reach out — even if you don’t see an exact fit.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you find a role where you can match the benefits of the tech industry with confidence in the impact your work is having on the world. We’ll be cheering you on.

And even if your current company won’t change, remember — it’s probably still better than Westeros.

A version of this article originally appeared on linkedin.

Disclaimer: Any views expressed are my own.

Florian Fischetti

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