The Bright Side of the “Corona” Crisis

(Some thoughts during my voluntary home confinement — March 2020)

Haifa, Israel, March 2020… these are “Corona” times…
The World stopped still. The Humankind is re-calculating its route…(WAZE jargon).
This tiny, microscopic piece of RNA, nicknamed “Corona” changed the whole way we, “Masters of Earth”, are behaving these days, forcing us to renounce the daily work schedule, mundane tasks, pleasures, and common rewards.
This “insignificant” and accidental manifestation of organic matter is sending us all to hide and seclude in the illusionary shelter of our homes.
But, in these “Yom Kippur” like silence and repentance times, we can look beneath and beyond the surface and eventually may find important lessons and albeit bright sides of this crisis.

First and probably most striking, we’ve just realized that we all are simple travelers on the same Inter-Stellar Ship called “EARTH”.
Some stay on the upper deck, enjoying relative luxury, while others mingle on the decks below, but we all share the same air, water, and resources and there are not enough face masks, gloves and toilet paper for all.
There is no safe port-of-call as far as we can see (thousands of light-years around) and if you really want to know, there is no captain in charge…
This microscopic bastard is blind and deaf and doesn’t seem to care which God you worship, who your holly prophets are, or what language your prayers speak.
This primitive string of DNA code is not impressed by boundaries drawn on political maps, so fiercely defended in blood by armies across ages. It is invisible to explosive and metal detectors in the airports and sneaks unnoticed under the very noses of brass uniformed passport control officers.

Second, this crisis unveils to the extreme the inadequacy of current priorities and budget allocations in the world between the so-called “serious, imminent military defense needs” and the “naive, childish Environment and Health needs” which we try to ignore and leave for the next generations to fix.
The mighty arsenals of tanks, stealth flying machines, gigantic aircraft carriers, submarines and the rest of mass destruction weaponry are completely useless in combating this relatively new and elusive global threat.

The whole world came to a rest. The cannons are silent! As far as I know, even in the battered and full of hostilities region of the Middle East, nobody fired a single rocket since “corona” loomed over the world. In Cameroon, rebels voluntarily downed their weapons and quietly entered quarantine like the rest of the world, in Colombia ELN rebel group has declared a unilateral ceasefire for a month (for the time being…)
Faced with an unknown and “invisible” threat, nihilist and xenophobic high-profile religious and cult figures in various parts of the world became speechless and their hatred soaked voices muted.
Political leaders across the world appear every night on prime-time TV shows, looking shocked, concerned and lamenting the “unprecedented, surprising and challenging virus threat”. Their prime and most common advice were to carefully wash our hands and use as much toilet paper, as possible.

As a species though, we are blessed, that there are still enough decent people out there who dedicate their time and talent and knowledge to research and deal with the stringent global problems of this world. They are the real warriors of the humankind.
Medical staffs in outer-space like gear are struggling days and nights to save lives. They are the Real Heroes of this battle.
In remote laboratories across the globe, mostly on private funding, scientists are delving deep into the virus genetics, openly sharing their data and experience, so a cure/vaccine might be available in the foreseeable future. Look into the enlightening example of Bill & Melinda's foundation.

With the onset of the pandemic, the voice of the too-long overlooked health-care people began to dominate the political debates and institutions. Billions of dollars begin to be reallocated towards fixing and strengthening the life-sustaining systems instead of instruments of mass destruction.
Defense organizations and directorates are shifting their attention and search frenetically for ideas and proposals of possible virus-fighting solutions.
Fortunately, under the circumstances of these days, more and more world leaders realize that respirators, hospital beds, and life-support equipment are much more important and in urgent need than weaponry.
Hopefully, this deep understating of the human condition and survival on this planet will prevail after things will return to normal, international flights will resume, people will move freely and shake hands without fear.

This “Corona Virus” is just a warning and a wake-up call to all humanity.

Florin Lavi

Retired electronic engineer. Enjoy science, arts and photography. Love traveling around the world and absorb the beauty of nature and cultures