I have a question about the knowledge levels.
Muhammadjavohir Sur'atov

You can try and please everybody, but I don’t know how that could work.

In our case, the group has been geared towards beginner programmers. I know that by doing this we have alienated some of the more experienced developers, but the beginners, in our case, required more help and guidance and were more numerous.

Other more experienced developers joined and are joining our meetings, not necessarily because of the high tech levels of the discussions, but because we try to foster the idea of a community, and probably because they also want to help out the beginners.

When you try to explain something to someone else, it’s a learning experience and a gain for both. Some get this and enjoy it, others don’t.

We are also organizing events gradually. We have started with the weekly meetings, where everything’s self paced. Then we have done some workshops. Then we had a 10 week (2 hours per week) hands-on JS course. Next, we plan to have a one-day hackathon event. All the while, we try to keep the weekly meetings, as constant as possible so more people learn about us.

I don’t know if we would have started the other way around, people would have joined us.

It’s very important to see what is the feeling among the people present in your group. Based on this, based on the discussions with them you can make a call and choose the next direction.

To conclude, remember to have fun, keep your eyes open and keep coding!

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