This Summer’s Standing Around is Now Gone! Work to be Done and Marketing Tools to Stream — Introducing Season 2 of the GetGrowth.TV Channel

It was summer and everyone was on the annual leave; either in July or August.

Work’s Back and clever marketers need to find out how they can grow their business. With all these amazing new content marketing tools, there’s no excuse to keep doing things manually.

That’s why the Channel on Youtube started Season 2 of their shows.

The First Episodes of Season 2 are about BufferApp (for amazing social media scheduling), Open Graph for WordPress (so that you actually have 100% control over how your blog posts get shared on Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIN), and the Squirrly SEO Plugin for WordPress, which is currently a TOP 3 SEO Plugin (as the people from Search Engine Watch suggest).

Armed with a cool Youtube cover (see the image above), we’re ready to kick this season off and we’re also working on new episodes.

The first Buffer Episode in our Season. More will come, because there’s a lot of great things you can do with Buffer.

Next stop: Open Graph for WordPress

And Last but certainly not the least:

Looking at the WordPress SEO Plugin

Enjoy this great start for Season 2.

More episodes available at: