The Tech Story Is Over
John Battelle

Finally! This topic needs to be the new HOT!

The system is broken, and most new tech might even increase the problems we’re in. Faster AI machines making banks richer, more consumer gadgets on the rubble pile, etc. Tech also can link us better and faster, yet make us more disconnected from nature, values and each other. Pushing a button can now kill people in the mountains of Afghanistan, make 10.00 homeless or on the other hand transfer huge amounts of money to help safe the planet.

We need to reconnect with nature. Make space for nature (a billion year old super system that has so many levels of interconnection that our scientific understanding of it, can’t even make a long term isolated dome work (anyone wanna try it on Mars?). We, indeed, need to look at the causes of what goes wrong and stop applying end of pipe solutions, because we don’t want to learn. Let’s question the whole profit maximization model to the bone and seek models that would restore forests and seas! And liberate sweat shop and private prison slaves. Only then we can call ourselves a civilization. (for those that know the quote: good idea mr Gandhi?)

This may help starting to answer your question. By the way there’s also many facebook groups around your theme. Go search them out with your technology. :) I tip also Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economy.

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