6 Tips on the Future of Learning from Actual Teenage Exponential Thinkers
Singularity University

Great suggestions. But asking what they want is not enough. Being a coach for ‘Generation Me’ I see how absolutely important it is to also help them to be part of the solution. Most education seeks to make the young successful part of the ‘way things are’. But our systems are deeply damaging nature on this planet, and our economic models instigate further abuse. So we need education that helps them upset the way things are and be part of the solution!

For this seeing what your role in the bigger picture is, is also essential. The man calculating to make all trains go on time and have no accidents seems to help us all. Except such a man helped the trains loaded with Jews and prisoners arrive in concentration camps too. Was he aware of this? Also good willing banking employees helped the economy collapse in 2008. Many oil spills, building collapses, unethical working conditions started with managers doing things as cheap as possible. We are part of the bigger whole and need to see what role we (want to) play in it.

Here’s more advice like this: https://medium.com/the-gentle-revolution/global-shift-in-education-fb7ac55453

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