A Social Movement for Broken People
Joe Brewer

I love this line: “The answer is to have the change process itself be a pathway of healing.” I also remember Alan Watts warning how many answers can be part of the (same or new) problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LXiSPpfM54 A real solution towards nature is indeed not disconnected managers coming up with dashboard plans. Nature (a millions year old self healing system needs space rather than interventions, which will end up being like heavy medicine with damaging side effects (which will only make the wrong corporations richer).

On the other hand, when broken people access their humanity and create acceptance and awareness with others, healing starts. I’ve just been to a conference with many mentally damaged people, who in their love for each other, and seeking ways to self heal and be of meaning by helping others created a very enriching, compassionate environment that left no one untouched. So self healing can be combined with meaningful actions, if done right. Rather this than New Age people who got so addicted to self healing they felt they would never be ready to be of help to others. And that is a lie. By giving, with care, compassion and love we heal ourselves as well. I’ve also seen in with children. One of the biggest gifts you can offer them for growth is to create a space for them where they feel meaningful and listened to. The educational song: “You don’t matter until you learned enough and got the grades for it.” is damaging as it creates part of the wounds you seek to heal.

So broken and young people can give a awful lot, when they see the treasure in their wounds. Thus for healing: acceptance, awareness, and being vulnerable enough to heal (and grow with) others is essential.

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