Let’s Stop the Wealth Hoarders
Joe Brewer

Indeed! I like this analogy: Money is like rain. If the cycle of water is broken there’s draughts. And there are. When big logging companies would have replanted 3 saplings with every tree they took, we’d not be as deep in trouble. They can start now. When the poor were debt free you’d not have to be scared of them. When the world was fed, you’d have no invasions, where people need to build walls. But rather do these companies spend their money on paying off equally rich corrupt politicians. And I think it’s the system and paradigms behind it. Many people in such companies worry too. They feel, there’s only a shared future when everybody wins, especially including nature. Yet the business drives them to keep on hoarding and cutting costs. You ‘have to expand’, you know. And all the while the tension rises. Oh, how I hope for some Corporate Whistle Blowers, exposing the worst of these ‘hoarders’.

In the ‘old days’ there’d be a moment to storm the palace (France Revolution, Russian Revolution). Now I know many seek ways around the broken economy, building up a new one. New money systems (crypto coins are still too flawed), sharing economy, ‘we all don’t pay taxes until’ economy, etc. The revolution can go every way. The hoarders currently choose self protection out of fear. Yet they could be the heroes who saved the world with all that money. (and I don’t mean looking good through foundations with your name on it)

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