Floris Koot
Nov 28 · 1 min read

It is a crisis of perception indeed. And also, see all the mental awesome explanations and compare that to the indigenous experience, a luck of integral/natural/immersed connectedness, that place where no words to justice to what our whole system knows. Where often their language is so powerful. “Whatever we do to the web of life we do to ourselves.”

The words are just needed to get others involved. And here, we must be playful. Why? We tend to create a conceptual language that becomes its own jargon. Now for Daniel I don’t mind too much, as he is a path creator, yet for many others, trying to sound like him, please speak as a bridge to everyone else. Show you are immersed in the new perception, from within, live it, and share it so the message can reach many more people. And play with how you express it, seeking what may touch the most others.

Am I successful in this? No. I’m learning and playing and iterating. And I do reach several people outside the choir. If we’d all would do that, we’d may expand our impact.

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