The Only One Skill That, If You Have, Will Completely Change Your Life
Oskar Nowik

Self Control. Yes, and no. Blog posts seem to work best for messages with little nuance. This story lacks in nuance and purpose. Some seemingly wasted time later turns out to be the most valuable. At a business school a girl was always playing the guitar instead of studying. It was not weakness, it was her love was elsewhere. She now tours as singer song writer. So another answer might be, find the treasure in what you waste your time on.

And then there’s flow. Releasing self control to trust and surrender to be moved by something bigger. That’s how surfers ride waves. That’s how many people find meaning and purpose. As soon as self-control becomes homework it starts killing the soul. It has to come from an inner drive to follow a path, not just will, in that case it’s nothing more then self limitation according to the destructive belief, that self denial will be rewarded.