Living with Social Anxiety

What if social anxiety was a talent? I mean even more than you discovered in the rewards it brought you? The talent to be very considerate, sensitive, reflective and be in touch with the soul? A talent that isn’t acknowledged as such in a world where power, confidence, yes, I would even say, psychopathic decision making (making others pay a price for your progress, like corporate pollution in the name of profit) are all seen as ‘better’. How and what you feel is beautiful. It’s self judgment (seeing yourself through the eyes of others and then judging from there), that weakens it’s effect in the world.

I see often the smallest voice in the room, that speaks from the heart, wondering why a certain question isn’t asked, or speaks up with fear in the voice that something isn’t right suddenly gets listened to. Because that voice is the voice of humanity. You have that courage (see your courage to write this about yourself) and that sensitivity (the content of your post). So, indeed, you don’t have to change at all. Just gain the courage to speak up for all softer voices, or the soul when it’s needed. Goodluck!

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