Top 6 Gifts to make this Friendship Day Special

We all need a day to ‘thank’ our best buddies who has always been there for us. The one that picked you up from the airport, the one that was there after the break-up, the one that always says the right thing when you needed it the most — Your Best Friend.

Friendship day is right around the corner and is the perfect time to let your friend know just how much you adore him/her. We want your friendship day to be special, so we’ve picked out a few gift ideas.

Friendship Day Gift#1: Memory Book

Pull out an unused notebook from your shelf and create a memory book with all your pictures and special messages.

Friendship Day Gift#2: Boot Beer Glass

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting around with a bottle of beer with your bestie and having a heartfelt chat. Why don’t you guys gift yourself a pair of Boot Beer Glass and celebrate your day.

Friendship Day Gift#3: Chocolates

No matter how old we grow, chocolates will never stop to entice us. So, make a mix all your bestie’s favorite chocolates and gift it to him/her this friendship day.

Friendship Day Gift#4: Bookshelf

Are you looking for something other than books to gift your ‘bookworm-buddy’? Then, choose a bookshelf. Bookshelves come in all shapes and size; pick the one your bud would love to have.

Friendship Day Gift#5: Plants

How about ‘Gifting Life’ this friendship day? Gift a bonsai, a money plant, or a lucky bamboo to that friend who has been stuck close to you through thick and thin.

Friendship Day Gift#6: Handmade Cards

Are you an art person?Then, create something unique for your friend. Make a beautiful card with all your feelings penned down in it.

Happy Friendship Day!