Writing off borders through poetry and self development. M.Ed graduate and founder of Without Borders publication for writers who love to push their boundaries

What core values determine who you are?

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In my previous article I talked about learning to become more transparent with myself inspired by my grandmother’s authenticity and steadfastness in living her life in a way that is true to her own principles.

Therefore, continuing on this journey, I decided to write down and reflect on my top five core values. This was initially harder than I thought. …

We laugh to ignore things we can’t face

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We laugh to ignore things
we can’t face

We laugh to face things
we can’t ignore

We laugh to hide ourselves
from feeling anything but
agony, fear, and worry

We laugh out of fear
that the monsters aren’t
hiding under our beds
or behind the people we hate

But that we carry them
in our holsters
and sometimes allow them
to point us towards
our fear as if we were the guns
and they are in control

We laugh to trigger others
to provoke us
so that if we end up as
a bullet in their chest
or our knees on their necks
they called for…

A poem

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Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

I drown in you.
I swear I have never
been more alive
while you drink out of me
leaving me an empty and sad case.

I have never felt so helpless
except when you pick me up conveniently
only to remind me
the taste of your lips on mine
and how that can turn violent in a heartbeat.

I think we are one
but there is me and a shattered shell
sometimes a broken bottle
a bleeding fist, a bloodbath,
an awakening to hollow eyes,
a hollow body
and a lost case.

It’s a marathon

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Beginnings are unavoidable

To realize the journey of 1000 miles you have to take the first step.

We fear beginnings. We fear that we are inadequate to pursue our dreams and goals. We fear failure. We fear even achieving success- that it would be too much for us to handle. But yet every decision we make every day is the beginning of a certain outcome.

Being afraid to begin your dream is choosing to begin a life that contradicts what it is that you want. …

We are constantly redefining who we are!

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Without Borders is more than a publication, it is a community of writers who are constantly challenging what it means to be an immigrant, a traveler and a globally minded citizen. It is for people who are seeking to expand and become more by moving outside of their boundaries.

In literal terms, a border is a line of separation. A border is also a boundary imposed through the identities we create based on culture, tradition, religion, society and the world. We seek stories and poems that manifest through the existence of a border.

“A mere line has the power to change history, geographical territories and generations. Do not underestimate it’s power, because every area which get’s divided because of a line , has a story!” …

A sequel

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Photo by Johnny Magrippis on Unsplash

We move through our lives
like strokes of color across a canvas
thinking with every stroke
we have left a mark of ourselves
we have drawn a picture altogether
A mark of glory
A legacy for the ones to come
Yet our colors fade through time
while we try our best
to remain plastic.

Florence Wanjiku is a writer and poet based out of Boston, Massachusetts. She is also the Editor of . A platform for poetry and stories from immigrants writers, travelers, and writers who love to push their own personal boundaries. Outside of her work, she has a master’s in Education and hopes to teach and inspire others to live above and beyond their borders.

A poem

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Photo by Raphael Brasileiro from Pexels

I lost my father in a memory.
Somewhere between the shoulders
of the man he was supposed to be
and the man he wasn’t.
He was there in my earliest memory.
A vague presence.
I don’t remember if he ever
tried to hold me in his arms
maybe I would know what
strength feels like
when it is masculine.
Maybe I would know the things
my mother wouldn’t tell me about him.
I think of him once in a while
when I look at my face in the mirror.
To where his face begins and mine ends. …

A poem

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Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

We watched her sleeping
too late to call the time of death.
We watched as the machines
breathed for her
thinking about the many ways
we could have held her hand
we could have reached out
before the drugs and a noose
became her only solace.

So we made a scene
Brought church into the room
wailing God awake
watching and waiting
for the miracle before
we blamed him for the things
we saw coming.

We watched her breath
fall and wither
and we thought ourselves over-wise
to know the face of depression
before it is called suicide.

We wailed her life awake
Her sorrow filled our bodies
as if we understood for the first time
what it feels like to live in agony
to later share in the communion of your life
the eulogies and cries sent up
as self-centered regrets.

Your stories inspire our creative process!

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As we buckle down to creating the magazine, we are often reflecting on what it means to create, and what inspires our creative process. Also, what it will mean for our community here at W/🌍 borders to create our first inaugural magazine.

Your stories allude to strong imagery, abounding experiences, fun adventures, courageous attempts to cross borders and understand boundaries. …

Who am I trying to please by doing this?

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

I haven’t always been transparent.

Transparency is one of the most important values today in a world where everyone is trying to sell a certain image or trying to appear as if they have everything figured out. Also, in a world where we care more about pleasing others than remaining firm in our values. In fact, one of the reasons I dealt with anxiety in the past was because I was living a pretentious life.

One of the people who have had a profound influence in my life is my grandmother for many reasons but most importantly for living a life that is transparent. Her guiding principle has always been living a life that is pleasing to God and not people. …

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