I answered the survey and I love reading the results, but I have an issue with your wording choice…
Maria W

Wow! That’s a completely different reading of it than we meant, in fact, almost the opposite. We weren’t surprised that tropes that are illegal or immoral in real life might not be preferred in fic, but we were surprised that mpreg and self/self were disliked, because they aren’t problematic in those ways (in our estimations)—we were trying to contrast the two things.

Interestingly, we got another comment from someone else who read that paragraph in a different way, but also felt like it was judgey. They read it as a judgment on people who were writing noncon, incest, etc.—that we were implying that fic that features these themes was immoral.

I think what I’m trying to say is: I hear you, and I see what you’re saying; I’m sure we could have phrased it in other ways; but I’m not entirely sure whether there’s one way to phrase it that won’t get people upset in one way or the other, because it’s such a touchy subject and makes people feel judged no matter what you say. So it’s complex. But I hear you!

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