Meet Arbonne Consultant: Tami Hovendick

This is Tami with the coveted Arbonne White Mercedes. Any consultant can earn the use of one of these cars!

Carrie: Tami, Thank you so much for agreeing to a little interview. We love our users so much and we know they do a lot of different things. We’re super excited to finding out about you and what company you represent. Tell me a little bit about the direct sales company you represent?

Tami: Arbonne is a 37 year old, Swiss formulated skincare & nutrition company that is Pure, Safe & Beneficial. We carry over 400 different products that are formulated with the European guidelines. We contain no harsh chemicals, mineral oil or dyes, also are vegan certified, contain NO-GMO’s & Gluten free. We carry over 400 different products so we have something for everyone!

Carrie: Wow, I didn’t realize it had been around so long! Why did you choose Arbonne, how long have you been doing this and where are you on the career path?

Tami: I don’t know that I chose Arbonne or that Arbonne chose me? I most definitely was looking for a new skincare line back in 11/2004 but wanted nothing to do with a business. In fact, I was NOT looking for a business at the time as I already was a busy wife and mom. Working 2 jobs (full-time & part-time), 3 of our 4 kids still at home that I was transporting here and there with their activities and this does not include the 2 committees I also belonged to. It is amazing though how God does answer ones prayers as on a Thursday night I went to see my beautician and as soon as I sat in her chair the first thing she asked me was “Have you ever heard of Arbonne?” Of course I was a tad bit annoyed and told her I have never heard of it, had no desire to have a party and would not buy the products but when she told me these 2 important words I totally changed my mind. Sam told me the products are all Swiss formulated and instantly I thought of the men and women from the European countries on how pretty they look, their skin is flawless and they don’t age! So I told her I would try a sample and the rest is history. I however, did NOT start the business right away. I became a member to get the discount and after about 6 months of doing that and recommending my co-workers and friends to go see Sam that is when I knew I should jump on board.

Carrie: I love that, “Arbonne chose me.” That is how you know when things are meant to be! I love how you were thinking about a new skin care and your stylist mentioned Arbonne! God knows just what we need. So, what do love most about being a Arbonne consultant?

Tami: What I love most is educating men & women on the importance of what we put on our skin and well as the nutrients that we take in. Everything we put on our skin only takes 28 seconds to absorb into our body! The harmful ingredients that is put into our skin care, shampoos, makeup & nutrition is just crazy AND it isn’t regulated that well. Also, the biggest thing I love is the personal growth I have had. I started off a shy gal that would hardly open up to anyone, I was more like and undercover Arbonne consultant. (laughing)

Tami (third from the right) with her up-line at their annual conference in Las Vegas!

Carrie: I think that is the case for a lot of consultants. We’re afraid to get out of our comfort zone. What was your biggest concern when you started and how have overcome that?

Tami: My biggest concern was what people thought of me and not having enough time to work the business. Back in o’ dark 100 if we wanted to grow our business we had to do shows/parties and I was pretty shy back then. Now the virtual world has taken over and for a mlm business it is great! No longer are we strapped to just doing shows but we can meet for coffee, just 1 on 1 and talk about our products/business or we can about the same thing virtually over Skype or Zoom! Being virtual means I can now reach all countries Arbonne is in. We can video message each other and it is almost as if we are together.

Carrie: Technology is our friend! Then, how did you find And…how long have you been using it?

Tami: I stumbled upon Flourish when I was doing a search for cloud based bookkeeping programs. It truly is by the grace of God that I found Flourish as I had been searching for weeks! I have been with Flourish since Feb 2017.

Carrie: As a relatively new user do you feel as though it has been a benefit to your business and how so?

Tami: I am truly at peace since being with Flourish. I had a bookkeeping system but it was not cloud based so when I would be at work and have a client ask what they purchased on their last order I would have to wait to get home so I could look it up. Now, with Flourish, I can access my account from my computer at work or even with my phone. There are many times I am at the post office getting ready to mail an order and we have to double check and address. In the past I would have to go home to do so, now I just log in and look it up. I love how Flourish is my address book for my clients, my invoicing and all of my expenses!!! Everything all in one and CLOUD BASED!!

Carrie: What advice would you give a new Flourish user?

Tami: Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Carrie: I’m glad to hear you say that. We value our users so much. We answer every question that comes in and even have hours that we’re available to answer live chat. Before we go, what is one way that Arbonne has impacted your life other than financially.

Tami: This is a picture of the little guy I am sponsoring in Guatemala that is through “For the Love of Mateo” organization. My upline started this organization after she adopted from the orphanage in Guatemala. Thanks to Arbonne I would of never known my up-line or been able to help this little guy. Last year I had a little girl but she went back home in Dec 2016.

Carrie: That is so precious. Thank you so much for sharing that! Lastly, if someone wants to reach out to you to learn more about Arbonne or to purchase products, where can you be reached?

Tami: My Facebook fanpage is

Or my personal website is:

You can even reach me at my personal email address

Carrie: Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me today. It is so lovely to get to know you better! I wish you the very best in your business!

Tami: I feel like I said to much but when I get too talking about our products and/or company I just get excited! (laughing) Thank you!