When talking about EPIKTOKENS, some of the words that comes to mind are; virtual goods, digital platform, digital collectibles, blockchain and BLMP etc. Looking at the word virtual goods, we are talking about products or services that exist in virtual world, not in the physical world. And some of the examples of such goods are; currency, game, collectibles etc. These virtual goods are highly profitable because they are intellectual property and do not have the higher costs that comes with physical goods, like labor and distribution. And virtual goods are not restricted by borders. It’s benefits are too numerous.Licensed virtual goods have an economic opportunity that is limitless as the constraints of the physical world are no longer present like manufacturing costs, transportation, logistics, administration, and auditing. By joining the BLMP network, we expect global brands will be able to sell their virtual merchandise at a fraction of the cost resulting in both advertising benefits and sales figures on a scale and scope that was previously thought unimaginable. Yes there are problems too with it. Somehow, you can’t fully talk about virtual goods with talking about digital platform. If virtual goods are non physical goods which means they also needs digital platform to be carried out. Digital platform which offers compelling user experience; easy to use, no training needs, self service. And the benefits are to mention but a few; generate revenue, reduce costs, foster collaboration and innovation for new products and gain speed to put products on the targeted markets. Imagine this platform getting much better with the introduction of EPIK TOKENS, the future you’ve been waiting for is finally here. EPIK TOKENS says yes to real world of digital collectibles.

with the rise of decentralized gaming and digital collectibles, the internet just gets more interesting. Looking for a way to help solve some of the problems we face when it comes to viral goods, the need to introduce EPIK tokens became necessary. EPIK tokens are ERC-20 utility tokens that are integrated to the Air system. EPIK tokens which is the ultimate way for anyone to collect branded items in any digital platform such as video games, mobile games, virtual reality, augmented reality social network gifts and branded emojis to mention but a few. The EPIK utility token will be used to facilitate the creation, distribution, and sale of licensed virtual goods. By leveraging the technology of blockchain, brands will be able to distribute their virtual goods through a network of virtual economies with digital platforms acting as retailers. This is so much to gain and much in the days to come.

BLMP (Blockchain Licensing Marketplace) is a blockchain technology company working to remove obstacles and facilitate trust in the complex issues surrounding Supply Chain Management transactions in the virtual goods industry.
BLMP Network uses blockchain technology to connect digital platforms around the world with global brands to monetize officially licensed virtual goods across any digital platform; from games to streaming services & social media, allowing millions of users access to a whole new world of branded virtual products. BLMP ©2018, Singapore
A digital platform such as video games, social networks, and messaging services, would request to join the BLMP network. Upon successful activation, a digital platform would be able to log into the BLMP platform and have access to create proposals to all participating brands in the BLMP network. The next step would be for the digital platform to create a proposal to a brand outlining the virtual items for sale. A proposal would require various parameters such as, but not limited to, an initial deposit, the quantity of virtual goods for sale, digital artwork, royalty split, and EPIK token amount. The EPIK token gives consumers the ability to purchase licensed virtual goods and also earn tokens from both brands and digital platforms. It just getting better and bigger with EPIK tokens and BLMP on our digital platform. Who says you can’t be part of this big change and enjoy all the benefits that comes with it. The future is here and it’s EPIK tokens, the future of all collectibles.

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Website: http://epiktoken.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/EpikToken
Whitepaper: https://www.epiktoken.io/assets/pdf/BLMP_whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/epiktoken
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