Abs should Not Define Your Trainer

July 27, 2016 8:55 am

So you’re in the market for a trainer? You open up your Oxygen magazine, Men’s Health and your IG to look up some #bodygoals. Your new trainer should be tan, strong looking, tall (a la JNL and Michelle Lewin) and have a six pack right? That’s how most people determine whether a trainer is good or not. They walk around their local gym pick out the guy or gal who looks the strongest (or with the fanciest moves) and go from there. But should that be a deciding factor?

After all if every buff person was a trainer we would have even more trainers than we already do.

Let’s face it there are way too many trainers. Way too many “coaches” out there who have no idea what they are doing in terms of body science but they’re super quick to sell you some shake tea and workout videos. Is that what a trainer should be? With social media and society in general there is a lot of pressure to look a certain way, and I admit I can be pretty hard on myself, but lately I have just come to accept that I want to live the way that makes me feel happy. And if not having a six pack is what makes me feel great and happiest than so be it. If I’m not meant to have one then I’m totally fine. Plus I still have plenty of time to get there and I’m definitely not at my #bodygoals yet, so I guess there’s still hope for me.

I came across a blog post by Blogilates founder Cassie Ho. It’s amazing to see realistic fitness gurus who don’t have overly fit bodies, because you know what that’s not for everyone. Not everyone is made to look that way or even want to look that way.

“She may not have a six pack but she’s tough.”
I used to let this comment upset me, but now it empowers me. You are correct. I don’t have a six pack. I never had one. Even when I was 15 lbs lighter on my 5’5″ frame. Even though I can sprint at 11mph and leg press 3 of me and hold Teasers like it ain’t nobody’s bizzness. Even though I am a fitness instructor. You are right. I DON’T HAVE A SIX PACK.

The fitness industry is one that is very presentation oriented, which is one of the reasons why you see a lot of us busting our asses in the gym 6 days a week and sometimes even twice a day. If you’re a good trainer you can’t let yourself go at the risk of trying to have a full day of clients. Sometimes this does happen but it isn’t something that should be long-term. Burnout is no joke and quite easy to fall into. So where am I going with this? Oh yea. So most people when they find out I’m a trainer probably question themselves like ‘Oh but she doesn’t have a six pack or oh I’m skinnier than her’. Ok but can you squat as much as I can or lift a barbell or kettlebell over your head? Bet you aren’t faster than me either. It’s easy to fall into the notion that because someone has abs they’re automatically in better shape than you or stronger or faster. I personally know girls/guys who have aesthetically pleasing bodies without having to workout as much or who don’t have nearly as much transferrable strength or knowledge as me. So my message here for you is “Don’t Judge A Trainer by their abs”. Not all great trainers have six pack abs and they probably never will.

No way do I let my physical shell define who I am and how strong I am inside. I don’t let it define my capability as a trainer. How I look has nothing to do with how I teach. This year, after breaking out of my metabolic disruption and doing PIIT28 with passion, I can kinda see some baby little lines on my abs and omg it’s crazy because my abs don’t even like to show me anything! But it’s cool abs! You do you, because leggies and armies aren’t being shy!
I’m proud of you, body!
Guys seriously — this is the most important thing. Let your body be your body. Stop pushing it so hard to LOOK like something it’s not meant to look like. The truth is, I used to work out 4 hrs a day and eat a low amount of calories and BARELY had any fat on my body (bikini competition times). But I still had fat on my abs. And I could barely think. It affected my business. It also frustrated the heck out of me because I let my body define who I was. That was stupid, and I don’t do that anymore.
Today I work out about 28 minutes a day and I don’t restrict my diet to just chicken breast and broccoli. I am super happy, super energetic, my head is full of ideas for my businesses, and I have time to actually ENJOY LIFE. It’s how I want to live. -Cassey Ho

So today BE proud of your body

Originally published at www.flourish-ious.com on July 27, 2016.