Dear Tomi Lahren’s of the World

July 6, 2016 8:29 pm

It disgusts me how women like Tomi Lahren wanna talk about how we are asking for a free pass and for special treatment. This ignorant ass sits on her stupid “television” show talking about “what rights don’t black people have”. How many times have I logged onto Facebook to watch yet another fucking video of the police killing more people of color? Of hardworking immigrants getting taken away from their families and sent back to their country? A country that colonialism and imperialism has destroyed. You are so privileged that you see these videos of shootings and you feel not one ounce of pain, hurt, sadness, or sympathy for these people whose family members have been killed. It’s cool for you to have Latina and black friends, be team BEY and to lust after black men. Because plenty of you would be ok with getting f**** by a black man but when it comes to black lives matter you ghost out on them. But you’re not about us. You’re not about that life or care about the movement, history, people or rights.

I grew up hating girls like you who were so grossly over privileged that they couldn’t see past their white picket fence and realize not everyone can grow up in a world that they did. I feel sorry for you now.

You will never know what it’s like to feel like the color of your skin, the color of skin of your family and friends is prematurely judged by many. And because of that skin color our lives do not matter. Because you and your racist followers do not let them matter. Do not sit here and try and tell me that you wouldn’t flip the fuck out and none of y’all wouldn’t get your guns and nukes if this was happening to white people or children. Remember what happened in Oregon? Oh but the black Lives matter is a war against the police.

Our voices do not matter and instead are treated as a joke like your “news outlet” loves to point out. You guys love taking what you like about our culture and people: hip hop music, cinco de mayo, “boxer braids”, whip and nae nae the list goes on But you will never know what it’s like to have to think about what you will tell your future child about how the world and others view them because of their skin color. You don’t have to worry about your child getting arrested or killed unnecessarily and tried unjustly because of the color of their skin.

Yet I’m supposed to be grateful because “‘my ancestors freed the slaves”. Whoop Dee fuckin do. Your ancestors took part in Jim Crow too. Oh and “your ancestors” lynched and killed both Latinos and African Americans. I thought everything was fixed after the civil war ?

Open your fucking eyes your privilege is showing.

P.S. Here’s a list of things your children will never have to worry about getting killed over. Hooray for you. I’ll take that free pass now.

Originally published at on July 6, 2016.

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