Improving Financial Outcomes with FinTech

Flourish Ventures
May 17, 2018 · 5 min read
  • Aspiration offers high interest, no-fee bank accounts to consumers in the US. Leveraging an innovative “pay what is fair” business model, Aspiration has created a new approach to help customers bank, spend, and invest sustainably.
  • Tandem is a full-service digital retail bank in the UK that leverages mobile and data to nudge consumers towards better financial management and away from common pitfalls, such as overdraft fees and missed payments.
  • Kaleidofin helps underserved consumers in India to meet their life goals by matching them with existing financial solutions that address their unique needs.
  • MicroEnsure designs, implements, and manages microinsurance products that address a range of risks faced by low- and middle-income consumers. Such protection mechanisms help individuals fulfill their economic potential.
  • United Income is a digital advisory firm focused on simplifying retirement planning, long-term asset management, and everyday financial services for aging households in the US.
  • Cignifi uses big data and a proprietary algorithm to predict a prepaid phone user’s likelihood of being a good credit risk and responding to market offers for financial services.
  • ZestMoney enables lenders in India to reach a wider market by using an algorithmic credit-underwriting model to power lending decisions based on alternative data sources.
  • Indifi streamlines micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) lending in India by partnering with supply and distribution chain aggregators and using industry data to augment credit assessment.

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