Continuous Deployment for Android

This is a quick guide to setting up a continuous deployment flow for Android project in In the current flow we use Facebook Infer static code analysis and the apk file is deployed to beta app distribution platform.

Lets get started!

Setting up your Android continuous deployment flow is very simple:

1. Click create project.

2. Choose your version control system provider.

3. Select a repository.

4. Click to create your first flow.

5. Select Android. When you select Android, the corresponding default workflow will be added automatically.

6. Select JDK version and finish creating the project by clicking create.

At this point your flow will only include the default steps: 
 1. Initialize
 2. Git Clone
 3. Cashe 
 4. Build

7. To add a new step click on the plus sign on the borderline of an existing step.

8. Select the Infer Analyzer plugin from the searchable plugin list and click add. Facebook Infer is static code analysis tool for Java. Adding this plugin to your flow can help intercepting bugs early on.

9. Add the Uploader plugin to your flow the way you did with Infer Analyzer. Just select the plus sign after the build step and choose Uploader from the plugin list.

The Uploader plugin deploys the output .apk file to beta app distribution platform. The plugin requires your account’s API token to be able to connect to the service. Additionally, the plugin lets you update the change log as well as to add a specific path for the file.

10. Following this, we recommend adding an email or a slack notification plugin to complete the flow.

Fantastic! Your flow is ready. You can start deploying now.
Just trigger a build and ideally you will see the flow in all green.

If you want to try this in practice just visit and apply for early access. It is secure, free, and a lot of fun.

Happy Deploying! team