Flow.ai Design — Branch out a conversation.

What we are going to learn?

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a conversation branch. We will also attach quick-reply buttons to a text reply.

We are going to design a simple branched flow with quick reply buttons.

Create an account

Log in to your account or create a new one at https://app.flow.ai

Let’s start

Create a new flow and drag and drop a text trigger. We will create an intent to understand someone ordering a pizza. Train the intent with at least 5 examples (I want to order a pizza, I would love some pizza, etc.)

Drag and drop the user-trigger text to your flow.

In our example we want to know if the customer wants the pizza to be delivered or if it’s a carryout. We will ask this in a text reply and make it easier for the user by presenting two quick replies.

Quick replies

These type of buttons make it really easy for a user to select an answer instead of typing it. In order to create a quick reply, select the text reply and in the sidebar press the “+” button next to “quick replies”.

Select the reply-action and add 2 quick replies: Delivery and Carryout.
Drag and drop a new user-trigger “Text” next to the “Delivery” intent.
You final flow should look like this.

Source project

You can download the completed project