“Fail faster” is something nobody really wants. Failing slowly is of course worse than pulling the plug early on a badly performing product. However, the ultimate goal is to succeed faster. Obviously. Failure is just the inevitable ingredient to create successful businesses and products. What people mean when they say…

Here’s how to structure design critique to avoid design tinkering and arrive at better outcomes.

Lots of thinking and very little tinkering is behind great architecture, like this one in Venice Beach LA: Norton House by Frank Gehry (picture by Flow)

For a designer, the design review process can be nerve-racking. Decision makers sometimes lack the imagination of what could be. Some aren’t familiar with all the thinking that goes into design decisions. They start to comment randomly; they start to tinker.

Tinkering is alternatively known as a methodology for academic…

Boost user research impact following a simple process

4 pillars of a Roman ruin in Baalbeck, Lebanon (picture by Flow)

Research and discovery phases are a huge waste of time, when they are unstructured and result in fluffy outputs, like loosely defined personas, empathy maps or strategies without a clear path to implementation.

More importantly, discovery phases are time intensive (expensive) and very hard to sell, whether you’re in an…

What politics can learn from technology about product evolution and innovation

Technology solves business and human problems. Should politics be about the same?

Agile — as a method to iteratively improve software and constantly test assumptions about its usefulness — fosters innovative culture through faster feedback loops. Agile governments using this methodology would enable social and economic innovation to meet the rising expectations for openness, accountability effectiveness and efficiency.

I’m not a political…

A good presentation could get your design approved, or quickly dismissed if you don’t present it right.

Get stakeholders on board of your design vision. Easily said, not easily done.

As a product manager in a large corporation, who previously worked in small design firms as a designer, I have learned the hard way how to present designs to get stakeholders on board. Now sitting on the receiving end I can confirm what does and doesn’t work for getting product…

Data changes how we draw conclusions about the world, data visualisation helps us better understand data.

Data visualization — as I’ve observed — has been changed due to developments in three broad areas. Streaming instead of static data, changing context and better data processing and design tools. This will profoundly change how data visualization will influence our future lives.

New context

Pandora was the first human made by…

Eric Nado’s machine gun from vintage type writer

If you want a UX designer to meet their maker, then follow the below useful tips (or try the reverse to deliver kick-ass results). These killer arguments are a collection from various sources such as Linkedin, blog posts and conferences I attended.


Don’t tell UX designers what you’re up to…

Jean Michel Basquiat at Neue National Galerie, Berlin

Data visualization is a cornerstone of the visual and journalistic signature of Bloomberg and most news publishers. Many different layouts and styles are used. I spoke at Unicom’s London Summit of Data Visualization and here’s the summary:

Data driven companies like Bloomberg, rely on widening the reach of data by…

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