pry it all away

2 min readMay 3, 2016


Destroy your ikea stuff, play frisbee with your dvd’s

Delete facebook, kill the blue bird

Empty the fridge from alcohol

Flush all drugs in the toilet

Remove yourself from society and don’t tell anybody about it

Are we still, who we are?

Imagine your parents were dead and you did all what they forbid you to do.

Will you find God?

These extreme experiments have something violently attracting. Breaking away from the chains of society, all expectations and the system containing them.

Sometimes I can feel my true self. For a single moment.

To just see myself buried underneath these layers again when I return. But sometimes that fleeting moment is enough for me to realise what I want in life.

Not saying we can do without society. Not saying society is badwrong or wrongbad. But sometimes it’s good to get away from it. All of it. No hate. No whining or crying or wishing for anarchy. As if that somehow will change it all. Not condemning people unfit for society. But proposing the freedom to choose. To pry it all away, when you want to. When you need to.

All this material stuff, we think we are because we own it. We think we are what we have and portray to others. Offline or online. It’s all fake. A scam, artificial. False. Realisation of this only strengthens our will.

Stop listening to those around you for a moment. And if you ignore them long enough you might hear it.

It tries to scream, but no sounds are formed or shapes are made with its lips. If you ignore the other voices long enough, you might start hearing a tiny whisper. This tiny whisper slowly growing into truth. Dry crooked lips, cramped up tongue, unhinged jaw. But you can still hear the tiny whisper changing to truth.

That’s the moment when you touch God. A fleeting defining moment.

A whisper is all you need.

They’re not hollywoodesque moments. No cosmic explosions or S.L.J. asking you what Marsellus Wallace looks like.

They’re one of those moments when you’re sitting behind your desk. Staring at a couple of pigeons chasing each other.

Wondering what freedom really means.