Here’s How You can Save Your Hard-Earned Money on Wedding Flowers!

If you are the one who is planning for your wedding in Abu Dhabi, you must want a variety of flowers for decorating the venue. The best available option for you is to send flower online, as many online portals nowadays provide the facility of easy flower delivery in Abu Dhabi and other cities of UAE.

We all know that flower is one of the most special elements of every wedding, so, it’s not a bad idea to reduce your cost on flowers. You obviously want to save your money on various aspects of this auspicious day! Flower decoration is one of the areas where there’s a high chance of budget increments. At the end your wedding, flower only lasts for a day or two, so it will be prudent to cut on the cost of flower arrangements judiciously.

There are many ways by which you can reduce cost of flower decoration during your wedding, some of them are:

Choose Flowers that are not much Expensive

Normally wedding flowers are costly, but if you make your selection wisely then you surely get what you want. Carnation is one of the flowers which are an amazing choice for every wedding decoration. They are not only affordable, but also come in array of colors that give the decorators a big room to show their creativeness. When you use this bunch of different color of carnation flower, it will look really amazing and eye-pleasing. Examples of inexpensive flowers are daisies, chrysanthemums and wild flowers.

Think Something Different

Lowering the floral expenses demands lots of creative ideas. To make it possible, you can use filler items like lush green plant such as ferns and ivy or you can also go for baby’s breath that look so pleasing and give the cute texture to the table. These combinations of decoration can really add spice to the arrangement without increasing the cost. If you don’t like green at all, use vines of foliage for a simple yet classy decoration.

Less is not actually Less

Instead of indulging the large number of flowers you can consider some beautiful and elegant small bud vases. You can place it creatively on the wedding table in the place of large centerpiece. Sometimes a single bud arrangement can do more magic than bundle of flowers, the only thing you have to keep in mind is to do it creatively. It’s a best way to lessen the cost of your wedding ceremony flowers.

Give a bulk order

If you are going to celebrate your wedding on a large scale, you definitely need large number of flowers. I suggest you to make your order in bulk, as it is the simplest way to reduce the cost of flowers you purchase. One thing you should always remember is to buy flowers from a wholesaler. If you order in a small bunches, it is obvious that the florist cost high that will eventually increase your estimated price. Carnation can be a good choice for you if you have to order flowers in bulk amount.

Use Flowers according to the Season

Choosing flower according to season is the best way to make your blooms inexpensive. Seasonable flower means it can be easily available and affordable too. Therefore, you can easily manage to buy flowers according to your need in best suitable price. For keeping yourself updated about the seasonable flower, regularly Google it and find your answer in minimum amount of time.

So, these are the points that you have to keep in mind before ordering the flower for your wedding. Wedding is not a matter of relief, its preparation and decoration demands lots of physical and mental exercise. To buy the best quality of flowers, kindly visit, a leading florist in UAE that make it possible to send flower from India to UAE. Moreover, this portal also provides variety of birthday and anniversary cakes and gifts.