Today on this Friday morning I want to talk about Korea’s King of Kpop, PSY!

WHAT life lessons can we learn from the infamous Gangnam style king ?

He is a guy that didn’t follow the crowd in Korea and that what has led to his success!

Having lived in Korea for almost 5 years I can tell yo, 
authenticity is a difficult thing to come by!

Being yourself is not something that is encouraged in Korea.

☡BUT! Look at this dude! Loud , rude, crude and so in your face that YOU can't help but become INTRIGUED by this man!

He didn’t follow the crowd and in Korea that is huge thing. He decided to be a Pop star , wrote a ridiculous song that went far more viral than it should have and boom!!!!

WHO knew Gangnam style would change the world
CrAZY right!

Point i'm trying to make:

➡Follow your passion even if it means going against the norm.
➡Don’t care what others think
➡ Do what YOU need to do to live the life that YOU imagined.

Yesterday I took the first step to trying to start something that will give me the lifestyle , independence and opportunities that I need to be MY OWN BOSS.

🔝We are living in times where there is SO MUCH potential for us to do WHATEVER we want! 
BUT we worry too much about what society and friends and family might say if we decide to pursue a path that isn't the norm.

GUYS screw it! YOU have one life make it count!

Let's help eachother 


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