How to do Kathmandu on a budget .

Many people rave about Kathmandu , but out of all the cities that I have seen on this trip I have to admit that Kathmandu was my least favourite place.

Dusty, overcrowded and overpriced. Having said that it was very eye opening and I challenged myself a lot to do things like a local in order to save the cash dollar.

BE WARNED Nepal is not as cheap as you think. Also staying in the central tourism hub of Thamel did not help to minimize costs.
Here is a short list of ways you can save some cash if you find yourself in the dusty city of Kathmandu.

Drinks on a budget

Don't buy cocktails. They will rape your wallet. Instead by cheap local beer, Everest beer, beer of champions yo and Southerbsy cider! Yes it's only 2 dollars as opposed to the 6 dollar cocktails, don't ask me why . Just accept this fact gracefully and say cheers.

Tours on a budget

Kathmandu, especially Thamel, is the tourism hub and with that comes tour companies that are ready to prey on innocent naive tourists like ourselves that are desperate to do Everest Base camp and other tours. Talk to other foreigners, seriously nothing beats personal experience when it comes to collecting travel advice and its's FREE ! Other travellers will give you a much more realistic and none bullshit story about how and where to go without paying a fortune.
Make friends with the locals not guides locals are usually just so happy to have a foreigner next to them and will usually be happy to show you around for free.

Transport on a budget

Do not take overpriced taxis around the city, instead challenge yourself and enjoy the ride of your life on a local bus. I challenge you to experience it. I cannot guarantee your safety, but I do guarantee you that it will be eventful and you will have a whole new form of a appreciation for perosnal space ( see next blog post )

Food on a budget

If you are a like me and value food over everything else food is going to be a #struggle especially if you want your good old homely comfort food . I had to put my big girl travel panties on and learn to just eat Dal baht, Nepal’s staple food that the majority of the population eats 3 times a day. Rice, lentil soup and vegetables . A nice alternative to this is momo aka dumplings.
Yes not exactly #foodporn but when you are on a #budget then steak and wine dinners jus ain’t gonna fly.

Accomodation on a budget

If I can say one thing about Kathmandu they do know how to do accommodation budget style! In fact you have two options. Budget backpacker accommodation or homestay. I have done both and recommend you try both as well. ( more details to follow in next post ) As always, Agoda and Hostelworld are your best friends when it comes to finding a place. Be sure to compare all the various sites for the cheapest option.

You can easily find good, clean budget accommodation for 4~6 dollars a night. Bare in mind that accommodation is a rather personal thing and what one regards as great another regards as utterly shit. So if you are wanting spa baths, double beds and massages best not to rely on my advice. For those that do want budget style Monkey temple my friends is the place to be! Clean, funky, amazing staff and they have a bar!

Happy Budget traveling in Kathmandu!