What the frick is “Little Space”????

Hi, my name is Trevor. I am 18 years old, but sometimes I am 3.

I know, it sounds like a joke. Like one of those “I hate being old, lol let’s act like a kid again, just for fun!!!!” However, it’s literally nothing like that for me.

I do this thing in my head called “age regression.” This basically means that my brain turns back time to when I was a small child. I can’t really control when it happens, either. There’s no way of me knowing when it’s going to occur. Sometimes, it can be quite frustrating. For instance, if I am very scared by something, I may go into something called “little space,” which is a term for the mindset I am in when I regress. If I am doing things that a small child would typically do, like sing nursery rhymes, or watch a disney movie, I may go into little space then.

I know it sounds weird. It makes me feel weird knowing that it happens and that there are so many misinformed people out there. And by misinformed, I mean that they don’t understand that it is not a “daddy kink.” It is a genuine mental state that most people cannot control. I can pretend I’m not thinking about having a tea party with my stuffies, but you can bet that I definitely am thinking about it. I understand that people may think it’s odd, and that they won’t really get it unless I explain it really thoroughly to them. Which led me to write this little “article” of sorts.

I personally use age regression as a coping skill for my traumas in life, such as my sexual assault, and my many issues related to my multiple mental illnesses. Some use it to cope with neglect/abuse as a child, to make up for the time lost from their childhood. And for others, there really is no reason behind it.

To go a bit more in depth with what age regression actually is, there are many different varieties of it. Some regress to very young ages (6 months — 4 years) and some regress to older ages (5 years — early teens). There are habits picked up in little space that don’t always make sense to non-regressors. For instance, some people like to suck on a pacifier while in little space. Some use sippy cups. Some wear diapers. It all really depends on the person.

It’s not something that you can keep pushing away as if it doesn’t exist. If you do that then the pain will eat you up, and you won’t have anywhere to run. You’ll have a breakdown. If you naturally turn to age regression, then you have to accept it. It is a part of who you are and there’s typically no changing it. Or at least that’s my experience with it.

I’ll bet that some of you reading this are saying, “If I age regress, how do I tell my friends and family??”

It’s pretty simple actually. Find out which friends of yours will actually do their research on a topic before coming to negative conclusions. Write something up for them, such as a graphic, or a small essay such as this one, describing why you regress and what age regression even is. Then, you just talk to them about it. And if they don’t accept it, then you should know that they probably aren’t as good of a friend as you thought they were. As far as your family is concerned, do the same as you would for a friend as far as materials are concerned. Maybe even make a visual powerpoint or prezi, which may include some reasoning behind why it’s a valid coping mechanism, or something good and convincing like that. Make sure to catch your family members at a good time, and feel free to speak to them separately or altogether, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

I hope this kind of explains some things for my friends who didn’t really get it before.

Have a wonderful day :)