The Story behind Tying Rakhi around your Bhabi’s Wrist

While tying rakhis on sisters-in-laws’ hands has been quite a common phenomenon in places like Rajasthan and Gujarat, the rest of India is slowly waking up to this ritual as well. Now, contrary to popular notion, tying rakhi around your bhabi’s wrist is not really an arbitrary exercise. You don’t tie a rakhi around her wrist because she is synonymous with your bhaiya. The tradition has a stronger basis than what you think. So, this year, if you’re planning to make sure that your bhabi is at the heart of the Raksha Bandhan celebrations as well- then do make sure that you’re reading on.

Rakhi with Bhabi: All you Need to Know!

You might as well have seen your friends from Gujarat or Rajasthan pick up from the choicest of Rakhi gifts for bhaiya and bhabi — — quite without being able to comprehend the significance of bringing their bhabis to the whole equation. It’s simple! The whole idea behind tying rakhi around your bhabi’s wrist is to honor her presence in your life. She is the one responsible for your brother’s well-being. And, only when your brother is taken care of, can he actually end up looking after you as well.

It wouldn’t really be an exaggeration to claim that this phenomenon has experienced unprecedented growth. No more is this tradition restricted only to the confines of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The demand for bhaiya bhabi rakhis and gifts is only soaring across India with the passage of time. 2018 is surely going to be the year when sales are actually poised to hit the record mark.

Raksha Bandhan: What Can you Gift your Bhabi?

If you are presently brainstorming gift ideas for your bhabi (because this is the first time you’re planning to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with her) then do be informed that you have a plethora of options to explore. So, what exactly can you pick up for your bhabi this year? We have a string of answers for you!

• Flowers
• Chocolates
• Dry Fruits
• Cakes
• Beauty Hampers
• Jewelry
• Vouchers (Investigate the ones offered by the biggest fashion brands out there)

The Online Gift Stores

Look up the leading e-Commerce stores for due help in this regard. Gifts, Rakhi thali decoration and premier rakhi threads — expect to complete your entire Raksha Bandhan shopping online. Do- however — ensure that you are actually checking the credentials of the stores thoroughly before buying from them. While it is important to read reviews about the quality of products offered by them — it is equally vital to figure out whether or not these companies would be able to serve you just as you would want. And, while we talk about services we imply their ability to pull off same day deliveries or delivery of perishable items with ease.

Going through reviews and seeking recommendations might as well help you a lot. So, make sure that you’re acting in accordance. Steer clear of the ones that haven’t got great reviews backing their services. Here’s to a memorable Raksha Bandhan!