Stephen Curry
2015 MVP

The man’s stardom just continues to grow. Go ahead and ask the 18,000 people who were at Smoothie King Arena (what kind of name is that for a basketball venue?) in New Orleans Thursday night who is the MVP of the league. Steph scored 40 points and handed out 9 assists, but it was his incredible game tying corner 3 point shot that he made in the closing seconds of regulation despite getting mauled by multiple Pelicans that legends are built from, especially when it happens in the playoffs. His epic shot capped a furious fourth quarter comeback that only adds to his lore. This year, he is the best player on the best team and he absolutely deserves this award because of the amount of responsibility he regularly assumes for the Warriors as well as how often he and the team deliver.


Curry, the pride of Orinda, CA (my hometown), is as entertaining as he is skilled. Almost every game I witness, he does something I have never seen him do before. He has an amazing handle (ok, maybe Kyrie is a touch more deft with the ball), only maybe though. Ask Chris Paul about the ankle breaker in LA. Takes a lot to drop Paul to his knees.

The “Baby Faced Assassin” is super creative and clever; Curry has extreme confidence which allows him to try things that most other guards wouldn’t even think of doing. Also, he anticipates the flow of the game as well as anyone. Oh, and by the way, he is definitely the best shooter on the planet. But he does more than just shoot — he scores when you need him to score. He is both a scorer AND a facilitator. Almost every Warrior player has a higher shooting percentage with Curry on the floor than with him on the bench. Which proves that he is a consummate team player. Most important, though, he is a winner


When the season began, people were worried about Steph staying healthy and why was he turning the ball over so much. No worries on either front now. Steph played 80 games, and Kerr sat him one of the two games he missed. He was 6th in in the league in scoring and assists (24 and 7 respectively), 1st in Free Throw shooting (91.4%), and 4th in 3-point shooting percentage and steals. Turns out he is coachable, hard working, durable, and modest. His FT shooting means he is money in the clutch. Golden State puts the ball in his hands late and they win. Plus he definitely improved as a defender under Kerr & Co.

He also started on the All Star team and received the most votes of any player in the league. Plus he won a gold medal, along with Klay, last summer in the World Championships. Stud… with a capital ”S”

Curry also has great pedigree: His Dad, Dell (real name is Wardell), was a pro and his Mom is a beauty. (As Mark Jackson said, “Steph definitely has more game than his Pops had.”) And he displays good family values living here in the suburbs. Everyone Loves Draymond, but everyone REALLY loves Steph. Vendors at Starbucks say he is incredibly nice and polite when he comes in on non game days. My daughter loves him. He da man!


I was at Oracle the night he scored 51 against Dallas in February (Commissioner Adam Silver was in the house that night as well) and the excitement Steph generates with the fans when he gets rocking, is something to behold. Warriors were down 24–4 and Steph found his rythym in the third quarter and scored 26 points in that quarter with Oracle roaring on every made three. Curry holds the NBA record for the most threes ever for a player in his first six years. The guy sees himself as an entertainer and I for one, absolutely love his style, imagination, and panache.


I have included my montage of the MVP, including a picture of Dell and Steph’s daughter, Riley. Steph as the MVP makes everyone happy, except those folks from Houston; it is a victory for the “normal” guy. But Steph is anything but normal. He is really special. And he is fun to watch. My goal is to golf with the MVP here in the East Bay this summer. His stroke in golf is as smooth as his shot in hoops. He almost won the Crosby Clambake tournament in Lake Tahoe two summers ago.


I don’t who will be the next President, but right now, I would vote for Steph Curry. Congrats to you, Steph, on earning the MVP trophy.

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