Flowless — Updates from QuickBooks Connect

SAN JOSE November 5–7, 2018 marked one the biggest milestones for our company. With creating Flowless at QuickBooks SmallBiz Hack just last February (!), we were able to publish it on the Intuit AppStore and become one of the Top 10 finalists for this year’s 100K AppShowdown. We’ve come so far and we thank you for being with us every step of the way!

QuickBooks connect meant being able to pitch our app to the best in business:

(Start at 1:18:27 to see the Flowless pitch)

We’ve made so many friends with fellow developers and are so happy for G1VE.org! Congrats, guys!

Being able to talk to small business owners, accountants and fellow developers allowed us to talk to you in person, see what your needs are and continue developing once we get back home:

And of course, we could not miss the NHL!

This has been truly humbling to be among the best in business, having developed our app less than a year ago! Read more from our blog to see real use-cases that can save your time and costs and, as always:


Your Flowless team