Does your form ask for image uploads? Here’s how to TRIPLE conversion

Flowmatik releases a bit of ‘Flowmagic’ with Active Device Switching

Feb 8 · 2 min read
You can switch devices during the completion of a form without loss of data. Great to snap a picture of your ID with your phone while using your full size keyboard on your laptop to answer the open questions.

In all honesty; this is our best feature yet. Users will love it and your conversion rate will triple. Especially if your forms including image uploads.

An example we all experienced:

You damaged your car and need to fill in a form online. You sit behind your laptop at your office. The form requires you to upload a photo of the damage to your car.

The problem:

  1. You have a photo of the damage to your car on your phone. So you e-mail it yourself, open your e-mail, download the file to your desktop and upload it to your form. This is where users drop off, we all experienced it.
  2. Or you don’t have a photo on your phone and you postpone the completion of the form. Your partially filled in form probably times out and clears itself. You can start all over again.

The solution:

All forms built with Flowmatik come with a ‘switch to another device’ feature. You’ll receive a magic link on your device and you can continue your form on your mobile.

This means you can start filling in the form on your laptop, switch to your phone, upload the photo directly from your phone and complete the form.

Or you switch to your phone, walk to your car, take the photo from within the form and it’s automatically uploaded. No more e-mailing to yourself, iCloud sync issues, etc.

This is a screenshot (from a laptop) of a form built in Flowmatik. Hit the “Or use your mobile device” to continue on your phone device.

Hold on! It even gets better. If the form for example, contains an open question that require more typing, you just switch back to your laptop and continue there.

It’s like working on a Google Doc from multiple devices; they’re all in sync and updated live.

Try it with this demo: ⇒ Try switching to your mobile phone and back. You’ll love it!

Took your photo and you now want to switch back to your laptop for easy typing? No problemo! No more emailing to yourself, re-typing. The future of forms is here.

Marco Knitel

Written by

Motto: Deliver while having fun. Founder of Flowmatik, previously @Uber. Passionate about sailing and skiing.

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