How e-mail and SMS reminders improve your form/flow conversion from 20% to 54%

If you haven’t read previous Flowmatik blogs, here’s a small recap of the difference between a ‘form builder’ (e.g. Google Forms and Typeform) and a ‘flow builder’ (Flowmatik).

When to use form builders:

  • Simple one page forms (we don’t recommend using multiple page forms as users drop off)
  • If you ask for data that the person knows by heart or has on hand (e.g. date of birth, e-mail, home address, etc)

When to use a flow builder:

  • If users need to pause to fetch certain information (e.g. insurance number, consult with a friend)
  • When you ask users to upload files as they probably have to locate them
  • If you ask users to watch a YouTube video, as they may want to do this on a different device at a different moment in time

The 3 key features of Flowmatik

  1. Active Devices Switching — allow users to switch devices while in the middle of the process. This is great when you ask users to upload photos taken on their phone (read full post)
  2. Auto Save & Complete Later — your users can come back to your flow in a couple of hours/days and their (partial) data is still there (read full post)
  3. Reminders — Flowmatik can automatically send reminders to users via e-mail or SMS. In this post we’ll go into detail and explain how it can significantly improve conversion. 👈

How Reminders can increase double conversion

The Situation

You ask users to sign up to your new vintage car storage service. You split up your signup process into two steps: 1) ask for personal information 2) information about the car including the vehicle identification number / frame number.

The Problem

Users have all the information for step 1 available (name, billing info, e-mail etc). When they get to the second page they’re confronted with questions they cannot immediately answer. For example the vehicle identification number. Many drop-offs will occur, as the user would need to physically walk to the car. This is where Flowmatik comes into play. Within our product you can set reminders via e-mail or SMS based on the number of hours of inactivity. For example you could send a reminder to a user after 24 hours to complete the registration of the car.

The link in the reminder e-mail or SMS would point them directly to where they left off.

There’s a notable difference in conversion when sending a generic message like “Please complete your registration.” versus “Hi Marco, click your personal link below to continue editing your car registration at ACME Car”.

The URL in the reminder brings users back to the exact spot they left off.
Because flows are designed to collect more complex data than forms, it also makes more sense to send reminders as users may need several sessions in order to complete a full registration.

I hope this post gives a better insight in when to use ‘flows’ versus ‘forms’.

This is how setting those reminder look like in Flowmatik. Go to Settings and click “Add Reminder”

Users like to continue where they left off, especially if they can do so on their phone while on the move.
You can use all of the input fields of your flows in the e-mail or SMS message. For example {{fistname}}.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us ( or sign up, Flowmatik is free for up to 5000 submissions per month.

— Founder of Flowmatik