New Feature Release: Flowmatik “Auto Save & Continue later”

We’re thrilled to announce a new feature that many customers have asked for; “Auto Save & Continue later”.


  • When a user doesn’t complete the entire flow, its exact drop off point is recorded
  • The user can come back to this point independent of the initial device without logging in
  • So you can start on a laptop and still continue two days later without loss of data

The ‘Why’

Imagine this, you sign up to become a delivery courier on a food delivery platform. You filled in all your details and just need to watch a 5 minutes training video. You don’t have time for it now, but tomorrow morning you’ll have a 30 minute train commute.

With most tools you would need to create an entire user account or start the entire registration all over again.

We humans don’t like doing things twice. And that’s a good thing.

The ‘What’

With Flowmatik’s Auto Save & Continue later all devices are 100% in sync. This means when you’re halfway a registration process but need to quit (dead battery, loss of signal or your dog is looking at you with those puppy eyes…) all is good. Just re-click the initial link and we’ll bring you to the exact same spot in the flow where you left off. It’s magic.

Another advantage of this feature is that sending reminders becomes much more effective. Instead of sending a generic reminder text message you can now send a super targeted reminder like: Hi Tim, you only need to watch the training video here: . This link would point directly to the spot he or she left off.

The ‘How’

This is one of the key differences between a simple ‘form’ and a ‘flow’.

Flows allow for a ‘longer customer journey’ than forms as you can complete them over multiple sessions.

It’s paramount that you don’t ask users to input the same information again independent/regardless of the device they use. That’s why we built a proprietary session handling system to cater for this functionality.

Interested? Try Flowmatik Beta for free here. Or plan a demo here.