Most people would agree that it is

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It is a diverse country with many ethnicities

The last election for President of the United States was very contentious. Joe Biden became the President. There was a great deal of turmoil and discord because Donald Trump and his loyal supporters would not admit that Biden had won. They fought and protested even to the point of having an insurrection at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021.

After Trump held his rally on that day, he admonished people to march to the Capitol to protest against the certification of the election results which was going on in…

It is a rural school

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Most of the students likely ride a bus to school

At a rural Utah high school in the northern part of the state, a display of flags was put up in the school for a diversity week event. There was a United States flag along with other country flags. Among the flags was a pride flag for the LGBTQ community. It hung in the midst of other flags as just one of many flags.

A student cut down the pride flag and let it drop to the floor below. It was caught on video with students cheering for the action…

Reach for the stars

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Believe in yourself

Sometimes we think we are not as good as we really are. Maybe humility plays a part so we don’t want to try for the things we should. We might feel that others are better than we are and that we don’t measure up.

We should believe in ourselves and not let others tear us down. We should show gratitude for what we have in our lives and try to make things better.

It is a nonprofit providing college scholarships

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Scholarships are available

Originally named The Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF), the nonprofit is now called APIA Scholars. It is the largest nonprofit organization in the United States which is dedicated to providing college scholarships to Asian American and Pacific Islander students.

APIA Scholars is based in Washington, D.C. They work to create opportunities for students to achieve through college scholarships which are given. They are developing future leaders of the United States who will have the skills to excel in their careers and serve as role models for others in their communities.

They manage two scholarship…

The truck carrying cheese rolled over

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Cheese was spilled all over

There was a Facebook post recently which had a news story from KUTV 2 News in Salt Lake City. The title of the article was: “It ‘gouda’ been worse: Bee sting leads to cheese truck crash along the highway.” The original story was by KOMO News Staff on April 15, 2021.

A semi-truck that was carrying cheese overturned along the Columbia River Gorge in Washington state. The driver had left Idaho and was heading to Tillamook, Oregon. He blamed the crash on a bee sting.

The truck went off the shoulder and against a guardrail…

He was an innocent child

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Racism is a big problem

It happened at an after school recreation facility or club in a city. The little boy went there after school. He was attending a nearby elementary school. This was some years ago before COVID struck. Children went to school normally at that time. Since his mother worked, it was his practice to go to the club after school until she could pick him up.

Usually he had no problems when he was there, but one day he faced racism. The boy did not have black or dark skin. He looked a little different than the…

It may add years

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Volunteers can be almost any age

Did you know that April is National Volunteer Month in the United States? It is a month which is supposed to be dedicated to celebrating and promoting volunteerism. Some nonprofits have special projects during the month for volunteering and may have volunteer appreciation events.

The week of April 18–24 in 2021 is called National Volunteer week in the United States and in Canada.

The United States first established National Volunteer Week in 1974 by a Presidential Proclamation which was signed by President Richard Nixon. President George H. W. Bush supported American Volunteering in 1991…

Life will not always be rosy or easy

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Don’t let failure overtake you

Although everyone can be intent on winning and plan on success, there will be problems, trials, and failures come into every life. We should try to develop a positive mental outlook on life. That will be helpful to achieve success. We should plan on winning and being successful.

There will be many twists and turns as we go down the road of life. Some will be expected and some will not. Good things will come, but so will the bad. Life can bring us flowers or lemons along the way. …

Floyd Mori

Floyd Mori, born in Utah, is a former College Teacher, Mayor, CA State Assemblyman, Consultant, and CEO for Nonprofits.

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