It has been a long wait

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Inauguration Day Finally Arrived

It seemed a long wait for Inauguration Day 2021 to arrive after the insurrection of January 6, 2021, in which Trump supporters stormed the Nation’s Capitol. They wrecked havoc as they broke windows and doors to gain entrance illegally. They chanted “Hang Mike Pence” as they searched the halls for the chambers where members of Congress were certifying the electoral college votes of President Joe Biden.

It seemed a long wait for Inauguration Day to arrive after election day in November 2020 when Trump lost and Biden won. There were countless demonstrations and rallies held by Trump and his followers to protest the election results. They continually said the election was fraudulent and that it had been stolen from them. Right up to the end when voters chose two new Democratic Senators in Georgia, Trump and Mike Pence were in Georgia still saying the presidential election was unfair and that Trump won. Pence finally decided that he could not do Trump’s bidding any longer when he was asked to change votes which he could not legally do. …

He deserves to be remembered and praised

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He was a civil rights giant

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was named Michael King Jr. and was the second of three children. His father was a reverend at Ebenezer Baptist Church where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. also became a minister. Dr. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968.

After seeing his father work against segregation, Dr. King became known for his own tireless work in advancing civil rights during the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, Dr. King advocated for peace and non-violence. He felt that there was great injustice in the United States toward Black people and others such as Jews. …

From The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Church leaders speak against violence and lawlessness

The First Presidency and the Quorum of Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints put out a statement to their members and the public on January 15, 2021. The statement condemned the recent “violence and lawless behavior” of the riotous mobs which stormed the Nation’s Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

The statement read:

“Principles of government that allow God’s children to maintain human dignity and freedom belong to all mankind.

“With great concern we observe the political and cultural divisions in the United States and around the world. We condemn violence and lawless behavior, including the recent violence in Washington, D.C. and any suggestion of further violence. While The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is neutral in matters of party politics, we remind our members — whatever their individual political views — to be united in our commitment to the Savior, Jesus Christ, and His teachings. As His followers, we should treat one another and all of God’s children with respect, dignity, and love. …

Using the same subjects over is okay

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You can have many interests

Sometimes you may worry about writing about the same subjects on Medium. If you are trying to write every day, it can be difficult to come up with new and different stories. It may seem like you are writing about the same topics too much or even saying the same thing.

Many writers find a niche in which they do most of their writing. They stick with one or two subjects in which they feel they have expertise. …

Many people are going hungry

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People may need help getting food

If you watch television, you have probably seen commercials asking for donations to help feed young children. They say that these needy children regularly receive breakfast and lunch at schools which provide meals. The commercials ask for money to feed the children over the weekends when there is no school. With the pandemic and many students doing online learning, some children are not even receiving the regular food at school as they normally might. …

The FBI has asked for help

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Identifying the rioters who broke the law is a big task

The siege on the United States Capitol by riotous mobs which committed a multitude of criminal acts was unprecedented. Although there had been chatter that law enforcement was warned of the impending danger, no one would have expected that such a thing could happen. This is the United States of America. Domestic terrorism on such a level is not common and should not exist.

The mob of Republican followers of Trump and his baseless claims that the election was stolen from him descended on Washington, D.C. from across the country. January 6, 2021, was the day that the election was to be certified by the Congress that Joe Biden would be the next President of the United States. …

His base follows him no matter what

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Trump followers even invaded the Capitol

After the insurrection at the Nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2021, the members of Congress reconvened to finish their certification of the electoral college votes. Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump with a total vote of 306 to 232. Biden will be inaugurated on January 20. The white supremacist Trump followers did not prevent the certification from being completed.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, both lawyers, led the charge to vote against certification in Arizona. They were joined by Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi, Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, and newly elected Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama. Florida Senator Rick Scott and Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis voted with the group against certification in Pennsylvania. Only a couple of senators who had committed to protest the elections changed their minds after the riots at the Capitol. …

It will have new residents soon

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The Biden family will soon be moving to the White House.

Usually, when people move into a rental home or apartment, the landlords clean up the residence for the new people. Carpets are changed and painting is done, if necessary or warranted.

The White House will have new residents very soon. Donald Trump will be gone, but he is not leaving until the day of the Inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States. The White House must be cleaned thoroughly for the new residents. It may also need to be fumigated.

We used to live in the Washington, D.C. area when other presidents were inaugurated. It seems that the President’s family stays at an area hotel until the White House residence is cleaned up for the new family. …

Why would Blacks and Democrats be blamed?

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Racism has shown up at the Capitol riots.

Democrats and Black people were blamed

by some Republicans. That is ridiculous.

The riotous crowds were definitely Republicans

who professed support of Donald Trump.

Trump seemed happy with them and

encouraged them in their destructive behavior.

They claimed along with Trump that he won

the election in November.

They continue to say the election was rigged

and there was a lot of fraud.

Their theories have been debunked

even by Republican elected officials.

Yet they believe what Trump said as

he even blamed Pence for not doing his part

to overturn the election results. …

He was a civil rights icon

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A giant who worked for civil rights

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. worked tirelessly for the cause of civil rights throughout his lifetime. He died too soon as he was assassinated while still in his thirties. He gave his life trying to help others find equality in the United States.

Michael King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. He died on April 4, 1968. He was an American Baptist minister. He became a leader in the civil rights movement from 1955 until he was assassinated in 1968. He is known for trying to bring about civil rights through nonviolence. He followed in his father’s footsteps as an early civil rights advocate. …


Floyd Mori

Floyd Mori, born in Utah, is a former College Teacher, Mayor, CA State Assemblyman, Consultant, and CEO for Nonprofits.

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