Calavera Huichol


Sara was frank — though, she blended her terse outlook on the world with a genuine benevolence and practical decency. Her nature emphasized realness, and she had a way of doing this in a way that made you even more secure in the reality she conveyed to you. Even if it wasn’t ideal, it was accurate, and at least now you can plan accordingly.

We grew up in Madera, were close in age, and though we’d attended the same schools — we hadn’t connected until we found ourselves mid-teens and amongst a sea of kids, who like us, used to…

Embracing the design mindset to bring answers to our Valley’s most difficult challenges

Our Valley is dry, dusty and rough. Change is a slow process often engineered by the few people who’ve inherited a role as a leader.

Outside of the smoky basin we call home, any monopoly on policy is disrupted by the influx of new thinkers arriving to big cities that bring audacity and ambition with them — but along Highway 99 the traffic tends not to linger for much more than a taco break.

Meanwhile, our San Joaquin Valley is a profoundly challenged part of the world. …

Floyd Sanchez

Cofounder @ Ppl

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