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There are no “secrets”, O’Neil. I only think that that kind of literal description about the app’s functionalities doesn’t motivates someone that aren’t yet an Evernote user to become one.

Being an Evernote user and evangelist for the past 9 years, I noticed that people better understand the potential of the tool if you describe what kind of things it allows you to do to make your life better, i.e.:

  • Don’t lose your invoices, web purchases, home appliances warranties, manuals, and so forth;
  • Create a grocery list that’s dynamic, reusable, and share it with your wife;
  • Make actionable notes about things you wish to, some day, do, or learn, or buy, and categorize it in a simple way (with tags) that you can review them once in a while;
  • Categorize you actionable notes with tags that allows you to filter it by context, estimated time for accomplishment, priority and other criteria you could consider useful/applicable;
  • Make simple blog with, which content, being yours, will remain below your power, i.e., in a notebook inside your Evernote account;

These are just some examples of use cases. You can do a lot more with it. It’s a matter of creativity, perception, and a little of trial and error (PDCA cycle).

P.S.: Sorry for my spelling mistakes. I’m not a native English speaker.

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