Future of 24x7 NOC Monitoring

24x7 NOC Services and Monitoring Solutions is a business style that allows the companies to network with other owners, attract new individuals to the network, share ideas, mentor with the new company owner and standout in their business delivering the best of their service in stipulated time as they never encounter any situation wherein their networks are down leading to loss in their business.

As a matter of fact no two Managed Service Providers are the same. Also, it is very well noted that the support requirements differ for small, midsized and large companies. Keeping this reality into consideration, NOC and helpdesk specialists serving MSPs have different strategies.

The performance of the IT network affects the business heavily as every business now is heavily dependent on its network operations. In order to judge the system’s performance, there should be some pre-defined guidelines based on which the network performance monitoring can be evaluated. These could range anywhere from tracking of CPU load, use of the memory, optimum management of the available space and bandwidth, traffic management efficiency and so on.

Depending on the customer’s needs, the tool can be adjusted to obtain daily reports of each device and sensor and these reports can be represented in the form of charts and logs. This helps the users to receive alerts regarding the usage, packet data loss, bandwidth etc. And this data can be easily transferred to different applications for future use. It can help in monitoring a single server to multiple elements and the entire process of the monitoring of the devices is performed by an outsourced NOC and help desk service.

It is evident that the network is the utmost architecture of any IT setup that is supposed to be up and running 24x7 to run the business processes efficiently without any hassle. Irrespective of the size of the business, the company encounters huge loss when they are not able to communicate internally or with the clients for that companies opt for outsourcing their network to be monitored 24x7 by the Managed Service Providers. It’s observed that maybe due the budget reasons small business organizations are reluctant in having a proper network monitoring tool. However, many network support service experts are offering their network monitoring solutions in very affordable rates so that they are mutually benefitted.

Remote Monitoring Management as the name itself suggests that it allows the MSPs to remotely and efficiently keep a tap of what is going on at the client’s location without leaving their own location. This is beneficial to both the parties as the clients receiving the RMM service can focus on their business and not attend to the technicians who have come to have a check onto their systems. More significantly, Remote monitoring management (RMM) lets the service of the MSP to be delivered 24x7 with greater intensity in comparison to the one technician that client could have called on its location as it is software driven.

There is a new concept called IoT, Internet of things that is gradually emerging and is bringing in many new connected endpoints into the IT networks. Unlike old times relying only on PCs, smartphones and tablets, businesses may eventually extend their dependence on networked thermostats, wearable gadgets and sensors that can generate an altogether new type of data. Hence, IoT has been defined as the global infrastructure for the information society and all the progressive enterprises are already working on deploying the equipment and data centers needed to support these IoT initiatives. Then the data flow through networks will be much more crucial and the role of MSPs in managing the network and such high end devices 24x7 will be much more essential.

With the IT projects scaling and evolving with IoT, out-of-band solutions will surely play a centralized role in ensuring that infrastructure can also support a host of new endpoints, applications and services. Hence, dedicated connectivity 24x7 will enable companies to stay on top of their advancing complex IT operations.

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