Hydroblasting is one of the best ways to remove road markings

At some point after a road has been laid down, you will need to refresh the road markings that give drivers ques about speed limits and turns among other things. When a new coat or pattern is laid down, you want to make sure that all remnants of the old markings have been removed, so as not to confuse the drivers through the effect of double markings.

In most places, it is in fact state law that restricts you to paint over the old patterns for safety reasons. Many methods have been developed over the years but one of the most eco-friendly is the technique of hydroblasting. Keep reading to find out some of the core reasons why you should know about it.

1. It is quick and reliable

If you take water and blast it onto the roads at pressures upwards of 50k psi, the effect is similar to let’s say, pressure washing your driveway on steroids. You end up with a road surface that is pristine and clean of all markings in the absolute sense. This means there are no more old bits and pieces of paints or mark left like in other methods, which are still being used. This is a quick immediate process ends up being the most cost effective solution

2. Consistently eco-friendly

Being one of least damaging of methods used to remove paint off of roads, no hazardous chemicals are involved from start to finish. With other methods there is always imminent danger of powdered paint particles that get atomized and they can be breathed in causing all kinds of health issues for the workers and the environment. The mechanical construction of the machine is such that it operates in a linked loop where the removed water and paint is suctioned back off for safe disposal. All other methods without a doubt are comparatively primitive because they use abrasion as the main technique, and this added friction ends up wearing down a lot of the top surface of the roads.

3. Cost effective approach

Due to the speed, safety and efficiency of the entire process, it ends up translating into a cheap and cost effective solution for renovation work. If you need to carry out repair work on your pavement, then look no further. The fuel economy of the machine and the fact, that not a lot of operators are required to begin with, also means this a option perfect to take out on rent. Besides saving money, this is also a process you can use immediately.

4. Minimum damage to the roads

Since the method is so gentle on the surface of the roads, water blasting is also used for multiple purposes such as retexturing the roads surface and making it clean again. The fact that no damage is sustained by the roads means its life is extended and it can be repainted over and over again for many years, compared to the old approach

Get in touch with Florida Transcor and find out more about how you can put hydroblasting to use in your projects.

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