5 Advantages of Learning a Language Through Live Online Courses

In a digital age, learning is no longer confined in a classroom. Many online learning opportunities have arisen. From the traditional self-paced E-learning to the more innovative live online courses. Online courses is becoming increasingly popular and is a great alternative to those who do not have the time and money to engage in traditional face to face lessons. Below are the top 5 advantages you will get from live online courses.

1. High degree of engagement compared to E-Learning

Live online lessons provide interactive learning experience just like traditional classrooms. Teachers interact live via web conferencing directly with the student with engagement levels that rival face to face lessons. Students can also raise questions via built in chat functionalities during the lesson. After lessons, students can access a range of learning material such as videos, grammar exercises provided by the school via a number of online platforms.

2. Convenience & comfort

Taking online language courses requires only internet access and a computer. On a busy day, you can literally attend the lesson on the go. Bring along your laptop, drop by a coffee shop and you are good to go. Besides, you get to choose your ideal environment which is best for your learning, be it at home or at a hotel room, making your learning experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

3. Saving time and money

With a comparative learning outcome compared to face to face lessons, you don’t have to spend as much on taking language courses. Aside from that, it can be quite time-consuming to commute to a physical school. Taking an online language course saves you time from travelling back and forth.

4. Small class size

Online language lessons are often in small class sizes. Most of the time, these take the form of a one to one class and it rarely exceeds 4 students to one teacher. As a result, each student will receive more attention from the tutor, encouraging participation from learners who are otherwise too shy to contribute larger classes. With fewer students, tutors can adjust the pace of teaching according to students’ learning progress and observe their learning as individuals, making sure that each student understands and absorbs what they have taught. Additionally, with one to one classes, students can often dictate what to learn and therefore receive a much more tailored product. Some schools would even allow students to bring friends to an online class to split the learning costs!

5. Variety of language school choices

When selecting a traditional language school, you might want to choose somewhere that’s close to your home or easily accessible. Your selection of schools is limited to only a few because of this reason. With online language courses, there would be no geographical boundary for your school choices. Among resources from all around the world, find a course that matches your needs and fits your schedule. Furthermore, you can find a school which is located in a city where the native language is the one you want to learn. FluentUp is a useful tool for finding your ideal language school and offers language courses globally for you to choose from. Select and book the course you desire to take within a few clicks!