5 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Online Language Course (One to One Lessons)

This is the first of a two part article that provides you with tips on how to make the most out of the money and time you spent on online language courses. Online classes can take the form of group lessons, but most of the time are in the form of one to one lessons. Here are 5 tips on what actions you can take to achieve an excellent learning experience in one to one private lessons.

Let the teacher know your thoughts on the curriculum

Most teachers from schools on FluentUp are highly experienced and can provide a robust curriculum to work on. However, you as a student could always make suggestions on how to alter the curriculum to better suit your learning needs. In fact, the more you engage in shaping the curriculum, the more suitable material you would get from the teacher. If you are not a beginner in the language you wish to learn, feel free to tell the teacher which areas you wish to improve so he or she can spend more time on these areas. Hence, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts to your teacher!

Raise questions instantly in the lesson

Private lessons allow you to have one to one interaction with the teacher so don’t waste this privilege! Don’t be afraid to interrupt and ask questions midway if you’re not sure about something so the teacher can explain it thoroughly again. You wouldn’t want to accumulate a pile of questions, not to mention that you might forget about them later. Being the only student in the class, you wouldn’t have to worry about slowing down the pace of the lesson. Remember this, you can control the pace at which you learn. Don’t ever let yourself feel like your questions might be too obvious or foolish to ask. Discovery from questions and mistakes is how you learn so take the initiative to ask!

Speak to your teacher after class

Your learning does not stop at the end of the class. Your teacher, a native or fluent speaker of the language, is the perfect person for you to practice your oral speaking skills with. Most private teachers are generally more open to speaking to their students after class when compared to teachers of large classes. If the teacher does not mind speaking to you after class, be proactive and find time to talk to him or her. You don’t have to necessarily discuss academic topics, just start a casual conversation with your teacher. It can be about your life, hobbies, or anything that interests you. It shouldn’t be a burden to you!

Practice regularly with materials provided by schools

The more practice you have, the further your learning will progress. It’s important to push yourself to keep practicing. This includes both teacher assigned work and extracurriculars. Language schools on FluentUp bring along a lot of valuable teaching and practicing resources that can help you get practicing even outside a lesson. As part of your one to one lesson, ask the teacher how you can use these resources and methods to enhance your practice. Review these methods regularly with your teacher to ensure you get the most out of the lessons you bought.

Find the right teacher

It’s important to make sure the teacher’s personality and teaching style suit you. Even though there are reviews provided on websites, it’s still better to do your own research since different people have different preferences on learning approaches. Some might prefer a stricter teacher to keep themselves disciplined, some might prefer a more laid-back teacher for a less stressful learning environment. On FluentUp, our language schools would already have done the screening for you to ensure that all teachers are highly qualified. Furthermore, many schools offer free trials that allows you to try before you buy. This allows you to find the right teacher for you in no time!