Shopify wants to #killthecheckout; why stop there? #killthewebsite
Sergio Villasenor

I work in eCommerce design. How do you see things changing for large commodities, like furniture (my industry) and automobiles? Will some things still be expected to have a website? Or, what about users over 40, 50 or even 60 who are still shopping on the web, and comprise a large market share? I can speak for my group, tech-savvy people over 40, who will continue to get older as the ways people shop evolves.

I know that the customer base for the company I work for has large portions of 40–60 years old on .com every day (according to GA). We will be moving to AR this year, and I can see how younger gens can eschew that instead of .com, but I am not so sure about the 40–60 gens.

This is a great article, and I’m not so sure the website is dead. Maybe it dies slowly. I can see the website being dead for the younger gens and older gens still needing that website.

I welcome your thoughts.

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