There is still a chance for Average Joe to become a millionaire with Crypto!

Let’s assume average Joe has 10.000$ available to invest in Crypto. So, even when Bitcoin will reach it’s ATH of 20k in the future again, Joe’s invest would be worth less than 50k Dollar. Actually, that’s a pretty nice return of invest, but still, that won’t make Joe belong to the super rich people that can stop working.

What are the alternatives? Well, within the Top-50 coins, there might be some coins that will perform better than BTC, but these will bhard to find and the risk is of course much higher for Joe to lose his 10k.

It’s even worse, when looking beyond the Top 50. It’s almost impossible to hit the right coin that will explode to make Joe a millionaire. The risk is much higher that Joe will lose his hard-earned money, when investing in one of these shit coins.

Same with ICO’s. Times are over that you can expect to multiply your invest. The opposite is the case and it’s probably more likely to win in a state lottery than to hit an ICOs that makes Joe a millionaire.

So, are times over for Joe to become a millionaire with Crypto? Propably not! There is a coin that still has the potential to make Joe a millionaire. This coin is called LIFE-Token and resides on place 753 of Coinmarketcap flying under the radar of almost everyone and is tradable on HitBTC.

So, you might think, I am just another shiller of a shitcoin and to be honest with you, I don’t know a lot about the tech and the team of the Life-Token, so I can’t really say if it’s a shitcoin or not. But, there is one very special thing about the Life-Token that makes it much safer to invest in than almost every other coin.

Its price is currently 1 Satoshi! So, if you buy Life with BTC, that means that your Life-Invest can’t go down anymore compared to Bitcoin. It can only get higher. Second is, if the price goes up, it will directly double, because the next step is 2 Satoshis and so on.

Still, there is a chance that you get some LIFE for 1 Satoshi and remain as a big bagger and no one will buy the token back from you. But, if you have a look at the history, Trading Volume went up and down depending on the market sentiment. Now, we are in a really bad bear market, so investors focus on well established coins like BTC etc. But, as soon as the bull market and FOMO kicks in again, people will invest in small projects. LIFE is no exception here. If we have a look at Life’s ATH, it was at 46 Satoshis. So, let’s do the math. Joe will make 46x with his invest compared to Bitcoin, if Life will ever reach its ATH again. So, that makes Joe 10.000$ * 46 * price increase of Bitcoin. So, let’s assume a price increase of Bitcoin in an upcoming bull-market to 20k, which is more or less an increase by factor 4. That makes: 10.000$ * 46 * 4 = 1.840.000$. So, that would make Joe a proper millionaire that would never ever have to work again.

There are two damned cool things here:

  1. The numbers are not completely out of scope. I calculated with ATH-prices that Life and BTC already reached in the past and not one-million-or-I-eat-my-dick-McAffee-Dollars for Bitcoin.
  2. The risk is minimized dramatically as the worst that can happen to you is to perform as bad as Bitcoin and sell Life again for 1 Satoshi. Would mean, in the worst case, you would lose the trading fee, nothing more.