ORIGINALLY WRITTEN JUNE 2016 — Found this in my drafts, had written this when I was working as the Head of People, Engagement, and Training at Prismatik. Not sure why I never finished it. I’ve left it as I wrote it then, and I’ve added commentary from present Jack in italics.

The software industry is booming, and we have an ever increasing gap emerging between the supply and the demand. It’s not enough to have a developer that works on your one system anymore. Today even small companies have multiple systems, each using a particular kind of technology, and they…

A few years ago I found myself extremely happy running a new business I’d started called MotionInMotion. A few of you reading this might have been from the RubyMotion community and remember it.

For those that don’t know, MotionInMotion was my first steps into the world of paid screencasts. Each week I’d release a new episode teaching people tricks, important patterns, all kinds of things, and in return each subscriber paid me a small monthly fee. It was amazing and I loved the fact I was teaching all these people but it wasn’t that simple.

Anyone that works in the…

Jack Watson-Hamblin

Polyglot programmer, mainly a Rubyist, Web Designer/Developer, UX Designer. Creator of MotionInMotion the RubyMotion screencast.

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