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4 min readFeb 24, 2022

What is Furries Club?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may experience stress, anxiety, fear, sadness and loneliness. Many studies have found out that having a furry friend in this period is good for our overall well-being, offering a big bonus for your and your family’s physical and emotional health. On another hand, we are giving them a home and loves, hence, why not adopt one now?

Therefore, The Furries Club is created to raise the public awareness on the importance of maintaining a good mental health by having the companion of furry friends not only in the real world but also in the metaverse! The Furries Club is a home for various fluffy communities Fluffy Guinea Pigs are only the beginning of the story.

First species in on the metaverse — Fluffy Guinea Pig

Fluffy Guinea Pigs are specially bred and has been living peacefully on the Nordic Region of the metaverse. Each Guinea Pigs is unique and has it’s own personalities. But some are even more unique than others! All traits is hand-drawn by our creators as we respect the value and meaning of art. Hence, our product quantity is not a lot but increasing steadily It’s cheap to adopt a Guinea Pig and we encourage you to adopt them in pairs as they are highly sociable species. The population of Guinea Pig will reach it’s maximum at one point, and next Fluffy Species will be launched right after.

There will be some special Guinea Pigs in the metaverse, representing their own social status of the Guinea Pig Community. They are classified as Rare Guinea Pigs, catch them if you can, we got more surprise to you!

Our Project

Furries Club is launched on 3 March 2022.We believe in hand drawn NFTs carry more values than AI generated ones and we do not want you to spend money on just two or three seconds program-generated work. Therefore, every Guinea Pig is specially curated and hand-drawn by the artist, no randomly generated traits and products here! Our artists draw by their own form sketch!

Draw from Sketching

Every hand drawn Guinea Pig has it’s own meaning and value, behind it is the creator’s time and effort, definitely worth the price!

In Furries Club, no two Guinea Pig are exactly alike, we guarantee the uniqueness and value of your ownership. Plus, the population of Guinea Pig in the metaverse will reach its maximum soon, and more other species are coming soon, quickly buy it before they are sold out!

The Master Plan

Our team is full forced to develop this project on the marketplace. Our aim is to develop a 3D virtual world with different animal communities on the Ethereum Blockchain, not just a club!

You will hold the role as your Animal living in this world, building your own house, making friends etc. We will go with 2D world first and who brings to you a new experience of the world even its 2D!

There are many areas to be developed : Sahara Town, Tundra Square, Rain Forest District and more! Each area is currently under development and will be ready when the targeted minting percentage is reached as this is a long-term project

Concept: The world is like Club Penguin world but our Fluffy Species.

Club Penguin 2D World Map
Club Penguin Explorable World

We are not just NFT! We are real NFT!

Yes, in the near near future, the NFTs you bought is real, it’s not only digital art!

Our future NFTs will be available physically in various forms like wearables and displayable and many more which has its own unique token! Stay tuned!

[Coming Up] Club Hoodies and Wearable
[Coming Up] Club Pillow, Shirts and Jewelry

What is Furries Club?

Everyone is welcomed to join our social club, where you can enjoy these exclusive benefits in this channel.

a) Fastest and latest updates on our upcoming events and drops.

b) Additional benefits for future events.

c) Useful survival tips and tricks on NFT World.

d) Chat with other owners.

Join us now! →Furries Social Club

Hope you can join our journey in the NFT world. Feel free to:

a) Follow @fluffyfurries_nft on Instagram.

b) Follow FluffyWorldNFT on Twitter.

c) Say Hi and make friends in our Furries Social Club.

d) Check out our website: http://fluffyfurries.com/#

Thanks for reading!