Because periods are a thing that make us feel uncomfortable to talk about.
A rant for women with periods
Jared Matthew Weiss

I love what you wrote. It was a very insightful and funny way of speaking the truth. I am a woman and have always been uncomfortable with talking about or even having a menstrual cycle. Yes, I was excited the first time because that meant I was on my way to becoming a woman. When reality of it all set in and I had to deal with staying up all night with terrible cramping and all the other issues that go along with it, I felt disgusted and just wanted it to go away. I was no longer happy that this meant I could have children. I was not like other girls that would broadcast it to everyone. In fact when those other girls broadcasted it, I got nauseated. So it is not just the men that were programmed not to speak of such things. Women were too. We were not only programmed to not speak of it but to see it as a gift and a curse. After you have had all your children a gift it is no longer.

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