Our smoking and drinking and depressive natures have become quirks of the creative class, little vices of the lovers of words.
Never Fuck (With) A Writer
Liz Lazzara

I thought my sister was the best at this type of writing or talking, for that matter. Her eyes, that are naturally hazel would change colors when she was mad and she could keep you frozen with her stare while she continued to surgically amputate your pride piece by piece. She just recently moved to New Zealand and I don’t get to talk to her often enough. I got a good kick out of what you wrote it is fantastic. I would love to read more of your Writing and of course I’m interested in what your book is about. I making an attempt to write one myself, have been for years but I was too doped up to do anything about it. Now that I’m clean and sober well, I may be able to get some things done even though I will need an awesome editor for my English writing skills are awful. I have a story. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. So hi!

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