Winning at startups — the silicon valley way

Stage 1: Agree a Product Idea

Define a value proposition

  • What problem does your idea solve?
  • Can you explain it in one line?
  • Does it deliver specific a benefit to your users?
  • Would they pay for it? (And not just think “that’s a useful idea”)

Stage 2: Create a Brand

  • What do you want your name to accomplish?
  • What is the existing landscape of products and service names?
  • What kind of name are you going to go with (descriptive, invented, quirky or maybe just the founder’s name)?

Set up a homepage or landing pages

Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, using Themeforest etc are all good places to start.

Stage 4: Where do you go from here?

Check out any meetups near you which are aimed at your potential users or at startups. It will be a great chance to network and collect more information and, most importantly, learn from the successes and, even more importantly, from the mistakes of others.



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